Arabic music and musical instruments.

Arabic music has a long history which has rich emotions and beautiful tunes. Some people compare it to a source of longing and poetry. After the Abbasid establishment, Baghdad became the political, economic and cultural centre of the Arab world, Arab music has entered a golden age. The most famous musicians at this time were Ibrahim Mosili and Ishak Mosili and his son, who was born in a noble Persian family. Ishak was not only an outstanding singer, composer and performer but was also known for his nearly 40 musical pieces.

After the second half of the 19th century, with the influence of Western colonial expansion in the Arab region, the impact on the European music Arabic music deepening, many European musicians also came to the Arab region, offering music school, organized military bands, and in turn spread European music. The area which was most influenced by Western music was Egypt and Lebanon. Under the influence of Western music, some composers tried to draw on European composition techniques on the basis of traditional Arab music. European style single, multiple times and so on. However, singing still predominated in many forms of music in Arab regions. Therefore, the most famous musicians were singers, such as Sayed Darwish (1892-1923), Abdul Hamuri (1843-1901) and so on. 

Arab musical instruments have a long history. Udeqin is known as the “king of musical instruments in the Middle East. Since modern guitars are derived from a type of lute, Ude is also regarded as the ancestor of guitars. The traditional music of West Asian countries such as the Arabian Peninsula, Turkey, Iran, Armenia, Iraq, Syria, and Azerbaijan occupies an important position in traditional music. It is also one of the favourite musical instruments in North African countries such as Egypt, Sudan, Morocco, Tunisia, and Algeria. La Babu is a bowed instrument, popular in North Africa, its resonance body is semi-oval, popular in the Arabian Peninsula is a trapezoid. Both have two strings, 1 string or 2 strings. Nai is the most important wind instrument in Arabia. It is a flute made of bamboo or reed pipes. It has a soft tone and can play three-quarters of the sound that is unique to Arabic music.

The Music culture is very vibrant in history when a sonorous drumbeat echoed in the empty night sky, and the musicians struck the traditional Arabic instrument-the tambourine. The people saw this simple percussion instrument stretched out of sheepskin or cowhide waved up and down in their hands, after which they needed to sing along. 

Led by a tall dancer wearing an Arabian robe, the guests sang and danced back and forth to each other in unison with the rhythm of percussion and traditional Arabian music, stepping on the soft carpet. Arabic music has a beautiful melody, full of a large number of variations, and its basic scale is completely different from that of Western Syllables. For example, the scale of Arabic music cannot be played on the piano because it has a large number of sounds in the gap between the black and white keys. From this perspective, it can be said that the energy of Arabic music is unprecedented. Arabic music is different from Western music in many ways. For example, Arabic music emphasizes rhythm, while the rhythm pattern of Western music is far less complex than Arabic music.

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