The power of owning your identity.

Self-determination is a value judgment based on one’s inner values, and human inner values are associated with the identity that “this is me.” To be identified and feel pride in one’s identity, it is necessary to self proclaim the same. In the first place, when we decide by ourselves, the “self” is formed in the society while being influenced by others, so if we think strictly, we cannot have complete self-determination, but in a rough sense, If you make your own decisions while anticipating the situation that will occur after, you can consider that there was self-determination. Whether or not an individual is satisfied with the choice, that is, whether or not they have a proactive intention formation process that allows them to take responsibility for themselves, is important Self-determination is the source of motivation, independence, happiness, creativity, and the ability to live because motivation and self-fulfilment are possible because everything is decided by. Self-determination comes from the confidence that is built over a period of time. 

The ability of self-determination is inherently possessed by each individual, and that it is the responsibility of human beings to bring it out which is only possible if the individual is able to firmly assert it in society. In order to guarantee self-determination, human beings value their supporters for their mutually contradictory nature. Views are important, and one of them is “autonomy” and “community.” Assertion of oneself also becomes important because It brings about a change in societal structure. Every individual is born with a distinctive identity. However, one can deviate from it at any point. It is okay not to have clarity on what one wants to identify as, and it’s more than okay to change that as you learn new things about yourself. Hence, it is flexible and can be changed. It is not rigid and static. Others may gain courage and strength to do so from looking at you if you deviate from what is considered the “norm.” Emotions, interactions, and trajectories help shape an individual’s identity, as and when a person matures, their opinion of them-self and those around them change. 

There may be a difference between one’s social identity and personal identity. Sometimes a person may choose to not open up to his true being in society due to a lack of understanding or fear of being different. When acceptance of oneself is assorted in society they also help others overcome their own fear by looking up to this person.  Martin Luther King Jr in his speech “I have a dream” said, “I say to you today, my friends, that in spite of the difficulties and frustrations of the moment, I still have a dream.” Historically, this speech was delivered to urge the black community to stand up against oppression and emphasise the importance of self-acceptance of oneself before that of others. He urged the blacks to accept themselves in totality and accept that it was important to assert their identity in society so that others could do the same. Martin King Luther did this by way of his own example. He refused to go with the identity that society expected him to take on, he determined his own identity as an individual. His strong sense of social identity was core to building a movement that created history. The more aware and assertive a persons identity is in society, the more he can influence others and build a place for himself in society and paves way for acceptance and reforms over a period of time. 

When dependence on or control of another person is strong, a sense of trust and self-affirmation in one’s self is not created, making the identity unstable. In addition, in a society in which it is difficult to recognize the diversity of values, it is difficult for people to form their own unique values, and identity problems easily occur. The immaturity of identity and the lack of self-determination are closely related. That is what makes those who are aware of them-self a role model for those who are either afraid or are in the learning stage of themselves. They play an important and progressive building factor in society. It creates a sense of being and belongingness, it comes from a long history and understanding of oneself and it is a continuous process with new additions on a regular basis. This also makes us realise how each individual is distinct and works in a different manner from themselves. It teaches us to be more mindful and less insensitive towards others and not be biased towards those whose opinions differ from theirs. It also promotes social change which is needed to change social perception and prevent people from being underestimated on an individual basis. 

Aishwarya Says:

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