How to improve work efficiency?

The improvement of work efficiency is not a clear result. It is similar to “character”, which has a long-term influence on the individual and the surrounding environment. Work efficiency is a comprehensive evaluation result, which is also affected by comprehensive factors. All influencing factors can be classified into three categories, namely output results, effective time, and acceptable cost.

How to improve work efficiency?

1. Maintain the best work passion. Work passion can also be said to be the willingness to work, that is, whether you want to do it, whether you want to do it well and quickly, whether you want to work proactively, seriously and responsibly, or work in a perfunctory and procrastinated manner.

2. Choose the right direction of work. The work direction is the work goal or work purpose.

3. Choose the best working method. There are various methods to choose from for any job, and maybe they can all reach the same goal by different routes. Just like solving a math problem, there are many methods. Since the answer can also be obtained, what method would you choose? Naturally, it is the easiest. In this way, you can have more time to solve other problems and ensure the quality of the test papers. In the same way, finding the best method can save us the unnecessary waste of time. 

4. Know the combination of work and rest. Regardless of study or work, the combination of work and rest is very important, it can make people and work twice the result with half the effort. If you overwork your work, it will not only affect your health but will also reduce your work efficiency. Working long hours is for better completion of the work, but things are counterproductive. 

5. Implement a scientific work plan. Using plan management, each work must be carefully analyzed and correctly quantified, combined with actual conditions, historical conditions, industry conditions, work conditions, etc., to formulate a scientific and reasonable work plan, and implement it in accordance with the work plan.

6. Develop good work habits. Normally, it is necessary to develop good working habits, to work according to the plan, to operate according to the process, to obey the command, to maintain good job coordination, to do a good job in the maintenance of tools and equipment, to study diligently and to ask questions, to be good at summing up and improving. Working habits such as learning from role models can improve work efficiency.

7. Most importantly, learn to relax and rest. I remember someone said: If you don’t take a break, you won’t be able to work. In fact, it makes sense. Only when you have a good rest can you have energy and you can work in the best state if you have enough rest. Most professionals face pressure from companies, society, and families. Under pressure, work efficiency will inevitably be affected. Therefore, they learn to relax and free themselves from pressure in order to work actively in a relaxed mood. Relaxation and rest are to ensure the best working conditions of employees, and only in the best working conditions can work efficiency be improved.

8. Organize your desk. Before starting work every day, spend 15 minutes to clean up the desk and create a tidy office space, which will help improve concentration and avoid distractions.

9. Morning exercise. Exercise in the morning can help boost mood and productivity. 

10. Build the system. An organized system allows you to clearly understand the various projects at hand, improves focus and control, and helps you prioritize your work.

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