Problems faced by Students in Today’s Competitive Environment

A flower does not think of competing

With a flower next to it,

It just blooms!

This article is in concerned with the stress and burden on the students in today’s competitive world and the various problems they encounter in career selections even though they are sufficiently qualified. It’s true that competition motivates us and keeps us driven towards our goals however, the race of education to keep scoring well, no guarantee of jobs and employment, lack of support from parents and friends, taunts from relatives are some of the side effects of today’s competitive world.

The stress and burden on the shoulders of the students is touching sky levels. With the increase in opportunities for students, there has been a hike in the competition among them. Due to the increase in competition, the peer pressure on a child has also increased manifolds. The students now need to put their souls into studying in order to keep themselves ahead in the rat race of education. The increase in number of examinations by school administrations, rise in difficulty levels of theses competitive exams and various such factors seem like a bog where students are just sinking with no way out.

Another major factor restricting the students from achieving their dreams in life is reservation, reservations in various educational sectors, job placements, and other fields are causing all the hard work of students to go waste in a dump. Reservation, an initiative by government to uplift the lower sections of society, is a positive step towards nation building and upliftment of weaker sections of the society. However, it becomes a blocking stone in the path for those who are deprived of such privileges i.e. riches and the middle class section. It is no hidden fact that reservation has become a joke now. This is a hindrance for the deserving ones.

Furthermore, parents and relatives do not help the student either. Constant comparison among friends and cousins is not a tool to motivate us rather it just hurts our self-confidence more and more. Parents forcing certain dreams of their own on their children do not help the situation as well. Students study well in a free environment where they know they are allowed to fail a couple of time so as to learn. Constant stress to score well and stay ahead in the rat race does no good to students.

I believe every student is different. They have different interests, passions, level of understanding, points of view. Some excel in Science, Mathematics, History, Sports, Music, Writing. There are so many fields for one to excel and make a living out of it. Yet even in 21st century the students are required to take one common examination in order to pass a class. And the students are judged on the basis of it. How is this fair?

Parents, teachers, friends and family ought to understand a child’s mental state who is struggling to shine in today’s competitive world. The government must reduce the reservation and regulate it well and provide it to those people who really need it. This will ensure that everyone gets a fair chance in life and no hard work goes to waste.

A Rose can never be a Sunflower

A Sunflower can never be a Rose

All flowers are beautiful in their own way!

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