The episode came a long time in front of get together races in the state, in the mission for which the issue of heresy of Sikh sacred texts is now focal point of the audience.

A man was pounded into the ground by travelers at the Golden Temple in Amritsar on Saturday evening later he supposedly ventured inside the focal nook of the sanctum sanctorum where the heavenly book Guru Granth Sahib is put, gotten a jewel encrusted sword and serious heresy, police said. As the man’s demonstration was broadcast on live TV during the transmission of evening supplications at the altar, word spread quick and irate pioneers got him even as he was being removed by representatives of the SGPC, the council that oversees gurdwara undertakings, and beat him the tar out of before police showed up, authorities said.
The occurrence came a long time in front of get together races in the state, in the mission for which the issue of blasphemy of Sikh sacred writings is now all important focal point. Equity over police terminating at tranquil demonstrators fighting heresy in Bargari town during which two individuals were killed in 2015 remaining parts a main point of interest brought by all gatherings up in Punjab. As the Golden Temple granthi (cleric) Giani Baljit Singh was recounting evening psalms on Saturday, a young fellow wearing an earthy colored suit surged towards the sacred writing, gotten around the railing around it, stomped all over a rumala (the improving fabric on which the blessed book is introduced), and got a blade before he was overwhelmed by staff, police authorities said. “Before he could go any further, the SGPC workers got him to take him to the SGPC head office in the Teja Singh Samundri Hall. While the workers were taking him to the workplace, a portion of different aficionados present in the altar beat him up such a lot of that he kicked the bucket after arriving at the workplace,” appointee chief of police (the rule of law) Parminder Singh Bhandal said. “According to the CCTV film, the man had come alone and appeared to be around 23 year old. The body has been shipped off the common clinic and a posthumous assessment will be hung on Sunday. His character is as yet unclear. We have all the CCTV film and will research every single perspective identified with the occurrence,” Bhandal said. SGPC authorities said the blade that was gotten by the man menacingly was encrusted with jewels and was given by nineteenth century ruler Maharaja Ranjit Singh. They said by appearance the man didn’t seem as though a nearby, however police said the case required further examination. The authorities said this was the second such episode in four days. On December 15, an individual tossed a Gutka Sahib (a booklet of chose strict songs) in the Golden Temple sarovar (lake). With the assistance of CCTV film, individuals from a team of the SGPC got the individual, who was then given over to police. A body of evidence was enlisted against him for harming strict opinions. “Prior, blasphemy occurrences occurred at different spots, however presently this is being done at the Golden Temple itself,” SGPC boss Harjinder Singh Dhami said.

Talking about the December 15 occurrence, he said, “While giving over the denounced, we requested that police find out who was behind the offense. However, he was shipped off legal remand and police didn’t do anything concrete.” “I feel as the state races are coming, there might be a profound connivance behind these occurrences. Police frequently disregard their obligation by saying that the blamed was intellectually upset.” Police fixed security around the holy place complex on Saturday to guarantee harmony.

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