State is a political institution .It is an area where group of people shares their livelihood. state plays a very significant role in the development of society. The term state was unknown to the early humans. It is originated from the word ‘ status’ in 16th century by Italian thinker Niccolo Machiavelli in his book’ THE PRINCE’. The major concept of state was developed to organize communities and societies together, so that they could be able to work in the society. hence, we can also say that we are incomplete without our state.

According to Aristotle, ” State is a union of families and villages having for its end a perfect and self sufficing life by which we mean a happy and honourable life.”

According to Woodrow Wilson, ” State is a people organized for law within definite territory”

According to John Salmond , “State is an association of human beings established for the attainment of certain ends by certain means , the end being defense against external enemies and the maintenance of peaceable and orderly relations within the community itself “.


Basically there are four element which is essential for the formation of state. It is very hard to imagine the formation of state without the presence of population, territory, government and sovereignty.


It is the basic criteria for state , if there would be no people and society then to whom the state would serve and work. State is the combination of both good and bad citizens who are the assets to them. The ideal population of state differs from one state to another.


It decides the boundaries of state and is guided by the force of its exsistence. People occupied a fixed area of land that exists in state The territory includes land, and its resources such as rivers, lakes, seas, mountains, etc. Smaller state is more preferable over larger state because state states can be managed easily with comparison to larger ones.


The government is necessary for the state. It is political organization that looks after the people and provides its services. It maintains law and order in the state. It organizes the society for its common good. As per the separation of power, legislature, executive and judiciary, tje role of government which is the executive is most significant among all.


Sovereignty is the supreme power of the state . It is the independence of the state that empowers it to make rules as well as regulations for the welfare of the people . It is all about the external and internal independence of the state.


Besides these four factor of the state : permanence, international recognition , constitutionality , citizenship and others are the secondary elements of the state.


The permanence of the state simply means that the state derives its power and authority from sovereignty and the law. The state is a permanent entity. Humans may die but the institution of the state would be permanent.


The state have its constitution which is the supreme law of the land. It sets both rights as well as duties for the government and the citizens. All the legislation and statues are governed by the principle of constitutionality.


The state must posses the international recognition which is only possible by becoming the member of the united nation organizations. At international level, our country is represented by INDIA and at this stage we are proud to call ourselves as INDIANS.in this process, citizenship is our identity


The state is a form of human association distinguished from other social groups by its purpose, the establishment of order and safety; its methods, the laws and their enforcement; its territory, the area of jurisdiction or geographic boundaries; and finally by The state consist of , most broadly, of the agreement of the individuals on the means whereby disputes are settled in the form of laws. Population, territory, government, and sovereignty are basic elements of state . Besides this, permanence, citizenship, constitutionality and international recognition are secondary elements of state. Thus, it can be concluded that we cannot imagine our life in the absence of state.

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