Discrimination laws

Article 14 of the Indian Constitution says right to equality and no person is above the law and each person will have equal protection of law following by Article 15 which states no discrimination on any basis whether caste, gender, racial, disability or nationality among people, everyone is equal in the eyes of law, but the discrimination is carved into the society with its deep roots from the ancient time, and law is continuously evolving to curb this practice, but if the solution is itself the problem? How law making authorities themselves make such laws which directly or indirectly causing discrimination.

Discrimination basically means treating someone inappropriate and in a partial manner, there are various International organizations which want to deal with the issue from the ground level, but facing a failure in completely terminate this horrible practice from the society

  • United Nation High Commissioner for Human Right
  • International Human Rights Commission

The government will recognize the particular groups of section, say women, now society will feel that it is the weaker section, so government recognized it and makes specific provisions for their protection, the sections which are not covered in the eyes of government to get protection will treat women as weak and partial section of the society and this is how the boost in discrimination issues arise every day.

Daily life examples can be if women drives an OLA Cabs to earn daily bread, or she become the ticket collector in Trains, people will find it strange, and this how the discrimination in opportunities comes into picture, that what is the eligibilility of a male to get promotion and what of female, who is satisfying the seat is not the question or who is eligible whether male or female is question, and women are consider as weak and partial section of society so people will deal them accordingly and mistreat them, the reason of which the sex-ratio, the more suicidal attempts, domestic violence, rapes etc.

Bhraman were considered as the upper caste of the society and Shudra were considered as lower, dirty, untouchables section of the society, the discrimination of this type is deep rooted in India from the time immemorial. However, laws like ‘The Protection of Civil Rights Act’ and ‘Representation of Women Prohibition Act’ specifically pass for the requiring sections of society, also Anti Discrimination Laws were made to eliminate each type of discrimination


In the following article, it is concluded, what the discrimination is and what types of discrimination prevails in society and what steps are at international and national level has been taken till date, also to make everyone equal, discrimination laws to made in such ways that it becomes anti-discrimantory.

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