Israeli Palestinian Balance of Power

 In international affairs, the stance and policy of a nation or group of nations guarding itself from another nation or group of nations by balancing their force against the opposite side. States can pursue a balance of power policy in two ways:

  •  by growing their own power, as in an arms race or the competitive acquisition of territory; or  
  • by adding the might of other states to their own power, as in an alliance policy.  This is know as balance of power between two states

Technically, balance of power is significant because it is a mechanism that allows a large number of states to maintain peace when there is no hegemon among them. The two sides can continually work to prevent one of them from becoming too powerful and posing a threat to the others.

 Taking the materialistic factors into consideration, The balance of power is heavily weighted in Israel’s favor,  The Palestinian authority only has control over several fragmented territory, which totals to about 1450 sq. km in Gaza and 1400 sq. km in west bank  On the other hand Israel has exclusive security control over 20,000 sq. km of area,  This points out the vast geographical difference between the two. Furthermore,  Palestine has a population of about 2.9 million; Israel’s population is double of that.  The Palestine has a police/para-military force of about 34,000 men, armed mostly with personal weapons  Israel’s standing forces number over 186,000 in addition to a para-military Border Police force of some 7,600, equipped with a broad range of advanced land, sea and air weapons.  The PA has a total GDP of about $4 billion, much of it stemming from foreign contributions or earnings of workers in Israel and transfer of duties and taxes on goods and services purchased via Israel and a GDP per capita of about $1,380. Israel’s GDP is close to $100 billion and its per capita GDP is almost $17,000 . The Palestine is also dependent on Israel for a wide variety of financial services and utilities, including electricity and telecommunications.

These facts not only give Israel an evident advantage in case of any future confrontations but also confer an important diplomatic advantage, in the sense that Israel controls most of the stakes in the dispute and therefore has a less urgent need to change the status quo. Since the peace process essentially involves Palestinian demands on Israel with respect to territory, refugees and other issues, a stalemate implies continuing Palestinian inability to achieve their objectives, hence, a clearer Palestinian incentive to change the status quo, if not by coercion, then through agreement.

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