Religion and Science

“Science doesn’t require religion for its existence and religion doesn’t need science for its existence”, but man needs both

Ever since the dawn of civilisation, men of wisdom – intellectuals and scholars, philosophers and politicians were in divided camps in their contentions over the relative worth and dignity of science and religion. It is indeed difficult to integrate the views regarding the evolution of religions as they are numerous and mutually contradicting. The faculties of human mind like fear, wonder, intelligence, logic, ignorance, insight, intuition etc., had unquestionable impact on its development. In the early days, all branches of knowledge viz religion, medicine, politics, poetics, ethics, physics and metaphysics came under the general purview of philosophy.

In course of time each branch developed in its own way deviating from the mainstream, and some, for instance religion and science fell at loggerheads. In the east till the advent of western education, these developments were in harmony with religious doctrines that resulted in their symbiosis. The technological outcry against the scientific developments compelled the philosophers and scientists of the middle ages to formulate their conclusions in accordance with ecclesiastical decrees. Charles Darwin was forced to add the phrase by the creator in the final sentence of the second edition of the Though the orthodox thinkers on both sides resisted any such move, this new recognition was a welcome sign as it was a stepping stone towards the efforts that later exposed many of the similarities between religion and science

To draw any definite conclusions concerning the challenges that confront the modern world, it is essential to understand the connection that exists between these two seemingly opposing spheres. However, it is difficult to tackle this question unless the terms under reference are defined clearly. Eminent American psychologist Wiliam James has broadly defined religion as a “belief that there is an unseen order, that our supreme good lies in harmoniously adjusting ourselves thereto”. The ultimate goal and the way of living towards that achievement differs considerably among various religions. These diversities prevailing in different religions made this field a free-for-all in which any word or phrase could mean anything or everything But in spite of all the controversies. Science was able to put up a united picture due to its logical methodology in accepting or rejecting a concept

Religion is mainly a phenomenon of heart, the main weapon in its armoury is fün ile science rests totally on reason. While religion speaks in poetic-language of parables and metaphors, science puts forth its truths metar concepts and formulae in clear terms. Science always tells the truth directly while religion has indirect hinting at the truth. For instance, when science points ways of out that sunlight has seven components (VIBGYOR), religion says it poetically that the Sun God travels in a chariot driven by seven horses of seven hues. Religion has been presented as a valuable tool for ordering life through right conduct its unrelenting attitude towards the contemplation of moral and aesthetic values and the fear it arouses in the name of God prevents an otherwise chaotic atmosphere. Though science gets the credit for whatever this generation has achieved materially, religion continues to be a ray of hope for millions. Even though religion deals with many a thing unknown to this world. people are influenced by religious doctrines than by scientific ones. The main reason for this is the magic of faith which is an inherent tendency of human heart that doesn’t require any systematic study for its digestion. George Bernard Shaw once remarked:

The Too of Physics which extensively deal with the relation of modern science and eastern mysticism. The reciprocation from the side of religion was also encouraging, Religious heavyweights like Swami Vivekananda, Aurobindo, Paramahansa, Yoganando, Falter . Sheon, Dalai Lama, etc. also did not make remarkable contribution towards this effect.

Aurobindo influenced by Charles Darwin went on to create a religion theory of evolution of souls. At premium almost all the leading religious leaders are busy in explaining the religious doctrines in accordance with scientific principles. Moreover, anciont sciencos like Ayurveda Yogn ond meditation are also getting recognition from the scientific community. Recently Dr. N. Gopalakrishnan, Scientist in csir, published an extensive study in which he clearly pointed out the scientific insight of ancient Indian sages in biology, physics, chemistry, astronomy and mathematics.

In spite of all these efforts, diehard traditionalists on either side are adamant in opposing all these moder views. They consider all these efforts as concerted attempts to exploit the people in the name of religion and science.

In the New Millennium, we are left with an undaunted task of utilising judiciously the benefits of both the religion and science yet avoiding their demerits. We will have to modify the existing religious beliels in accordance with the advance in science. If religion is a sound expression of truth, this modification will only exhibit adequately the exact point which is, of importance. Thus, the progress of science will result in interpreting religious thoughts to the great advantage of religion. This scientific systematisation of religion will definitely satisfy the intellectual appetite of the modem generation. Similarly, the atrocities that are being perpetrated in this world, with the help o science can definitely be reduced if the scientific outlook develops with a religious flavour. This needs unbiased and wholehearted determination from the entire scientific and religious fraternity. Thus, science and religion complement each other, and at times each can act as a filter for the other to purge themselves.

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