Everything has a Price

“Every luxury must be paid for, and everything is a luxury, starting with
being in the world.” –Cesare Pavese
Money isn’t everything. To some people this is an easy and preferred answer because it gives hope that one can do much more even if he does not have pile of currency in his hands. However,
this idea is a common misconception because money might be a piece of paper but without it, life doesn’t offer anything, and becomes challenging by adding up to problems. Without the
ability to purchase tangible items, intangible ideas would not be
able to be pursued.
Money, for better or for worse, is the heart of our society. Let’s make this entire process simpler. In the 21st century slavery is abolished, but that doesn’t mean people aren’t slaves. You can choose your master and you still have to work for someone who is
rich. I know this statement of mine might sound critical to you all
but it is bitter truth. In return you will receive wages for the services you gave to your master. One who are born with silver spoon in their mouth are ruling you, in a way. You will work for
them whole day, and they spend their time playing golf, buying
stuffs, spending more money than you can imagine.
Once a man asked Lord Buddha, what is the biggest mistake of your life? Lord Buddha replied, the fact that we have time and we human waste our time in learning different ways to earn money.
After that also we have the audacity to say and think that money is not everything. It is clearly understood that in today’s scenario a man without money is a man without soul.

Think about your life. What price have you paid to get it?When I was a child (around 10 or 11) I decided that I wanted to learn how to play the guitar. I expressed this desire to my parents.
After they had some time to think about it, they sat me down for a talk. My parents told me they were willing to buy me a guitar (and send me to guitar lessons) on the condition that I practice every day. The choice was mine. I thought about it and decided I didn’t
want to pay the price. Let’s pretend for just a moment that I had decided to put in the time and effort to learn how to play the guitar, and I got really, really good at it. I got so good at it that I
ended up in a famous band touring around the world. I made tons
of money, partied with other famous people, stayed in the finest
hotels, didn’t have to clean up after myself, and didn’t have to cook
a meal.
That may sound pretty great to you. At the time I made the
decision not to learn to play the guitar the only “price” I saw was
one of time/fun. If it turned out I didn’t like it (the guitar lessons),I would still have to keep it up for who knows how long. I knew my parents. This wasn’t like wanting a dog and promising you are going to feed it, take care of it, and clean up it’s poop — and then
getting the dog and not doing it. This was serious. This would be enforced.
Think about it — Everything has it’s price. You pay for the choices
you make in life. And you can pay for choices you don’t make (like
natural disasters, accidents, getting robbed, etc.), and for what you
choose not to do (for example, getting an education, saving for a
rainy day, learning a new thing, etc.). Some of the ways in which we pay are with our time, freedom, money, trust, peace of mind,health, relationships, privacy, sweat (hard work) and tears.

Aishwarya Says:

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