Women in our Indian society have been facing violence since the traditional times be it for work outside their house except for daily domestic chores, or be it for various jobs up ahead in their career. So before moving to the pandemic period, let’s first understand violence and how it has been seen against women?

Violence can be defined as the deliberate utilization of actual power or power, threatened or real, against oneself, someone else, or against a gathering or local area, which either results in or has a high probability of bringing about injury, demise, mental mischief. Violence against women and girls has been a major issue for their rights. At least one in five women have been sexually abused at one point in their life including pregnant women are subject to severe, or repeated attacks[1)

A large portion of this savagery is partner accomplice brutality. Around the world, close to 33% (27%) of ladies matured 15-49 years who have been seeing someone that they have been exposed to some type of physical as well as sexual brutality by their private accomplice. Savagery can adversely influence ladies’ physical, mental, sexual, and conceptive wellbeing, and may expand the danger of obtaining HIV in certain settings. Savagery against ladies is preventable. The wellbeing area plays a significant part to play to giving far-reaching medical care to ladies exposed to savagery, and as a passage point for alluding ladies to other help administrations, they might require.[2]

Now during the pandemic period, one out of three women overall experience physical or sexual savagery generally by a close accomplice. Brutality against ladies and young ladies is a common liberties infringement. Prior to the pandemic 243 million ladies and young ladies, matured 15-49 experienced sexual or potentially actual brutality by an intimate accomplice in the previous year. Since the pandemic, savagery against ladies, particularly abusive behavior at home has increased. Since the flare-up of COVID-19, arising information and reports from those on the cutting edges, have shown that a wide range of viciousness against ladies and young ladies, especially abusive behavior at home, has escalated. This is the Shadow Pandemic developing in the midst of the COVID-19 emergency and we wanted a worldwide aggregate work to stop it. As COVID-19 cases keep on stressing wellbeing administrations, fundamental administrations, for example, aggressive behavior at home asylums and helplines, have arrived at the limit. All the more should be done to focus on tending to viciousness against ladies in COVID-19 reaction and recuperation endeavors. Everybody plays a part to play.[3]

While forestalling and reacting to viciousness against ladies requires a multi-sectoral approach, the wellbeing area plays a significant part to play. The wellbeing area can: Promoter to make savagery against ladies unsatisfactory and for such viciousness to be tended to as a general medical condition. Offer far-reaching types of assistance, sharpen and train medical services suppliers in reacting to the requirements of survivors comprehensively and compassionately. Forestall repeats of brutality through early distinguishing proof of ladies and kids who are encountering savagery and giving fitting reference and backing Advance libertarian sex standards as a feature of fundamental abilities and far-reaching sexuality schooling educational programs instructed to youngsters. Create proof on what works and on the extent of the issue via completing populace based studies, or remembering viciousness against people for populace-based segment and wellbeing overviews, just as in reconnaissance and wellbeing data frameworks.

Women are protected under the domestic violence act 2005 and recent case law titled Sadhana vs Hemant which was decided by the Bombay High court it was decided that in every condition women cannot be granted protection under the domestic violence act. It is clearly said that at the time when a petition is filed if a woman is already divorced she cannot ask for any domestic violence remedy as there does not exist any domestic relationship between the wife and husband when she has already been divorced.[4]

And also The Nagpur bench of Bombay High court recently said that a man doing a second marriage after divorce will not amount to punishment under the Domestic Violence Act 2005 which was ruled by Justice Manish Pitale.[5]

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