Shura is an arabic word for ‘consultation’. The Quran urges muslims to decide their affairs in consultation with one another. The principle of shura can likewise take the form of a a council or a referendum. Islam being a comprehensive ideology and long lasting moral framework illuminates on this part of the matter. A independent framework must, check the diffusion of the terms from other frameworks. So, the holy Quran has disallowed the muslims from the utilization of words which are utilized by the different peoples as terms. The injunction of the holy Quran not just forbids the muslims from the acceptance of alien terms yet additionally  orders to drop the utilization of such words which happen to be the part of foreign terminology.

Democracy is the western political idea with it’s own background and thoughts. The muslims should not use it for its political framework. A detailed investigation of Islamic system of shura may anyway show some similarities with western democracy. Almost all the theologians and the muslim intellectuals consider shura as fundamental organ of the islamic state.


The Quran and the Sunnah are the foundation of Islamic law. They have to execute and utilize that in their affairs and this is the collective job of the whole community. The holy Prophet (PBUH) was required by God to consult the individuals in their administrative affairs. The muslims have been ordered by god to continue in their affairs by consultation. They should direct their affairs by mutual consultation.


Shura means the consultative assembly. The Shura must be the representative body of muslim community. Administration of government by a representative shura is a method, while election of the representative member of the shura is the technique.

Islam sets the principles and strategies of shura and leaves the techniques at the disposal of the muslim community. The muslims need to work by mutual consultation, the way and method of election of the representative member according to their circumstances. The technique of electing the representative members adopted by the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) were peculiar to their circumstances.

Islam emerged on ideological movement. It is an inborn feature of all ideological movements that the person accepting a movement just and contributing must emerge as the leaders of that movement. The individuals who delivered outstanding services by virtue of their sacrifices insight and wisdom to the body politic of Islam became prominent consequently. This election took place by means of votes and by virtue of practical tests and performances which is a more natural and dependable method. The individuals of the consultative assembly enjoyed the confidence of the muslim masses to the same extent to which they enjoyed the confidence of the holy Prophet (PBUH) . They were exceptional in military and missionary fields and were well versed in jurisprudence and literature.

Abu Hurairah narrates the practice of the Prophet (PBUH) about the utilization of Shura. He says “I have not seen anybody who would excel the Prophet (PBUH) in consultation from his companions”.

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