Waste Disposal is a methodical operation for administering waste from its cause to its ultimate disposal whether it is a broken glass, plastic bags, industrial waste or used battery cells or agricultural substances or technological tools which people burn or bury at vacant plots or sites or discharge in sea or river and make the water undrinkable against the concept of local environment regulatory framework. In other words, a problem causing harm to the environment. The process longs for collection, transportation, dumping, recycling of waste along with the problems it has associated with rise in global warming and harm to ozone layer

1.Construction of excessive waste

It has been established from the research that America is solely responsible for causing nearly 260 million tons waste in a year. It is difficult to envisage the world’s data of production of waste. The present generation is compelled to adopt a theory of throw away consumerism to endeavour utmost benefit by manufacturing one time use product with not intending or focusing on its re-use. On an average by the year 2025, a sole person is expected to produce 1.5 kg of waste on daily basis.

2. Almost waste is lethal in nature

The industrial waste is toxic and left in no position to reuse or recycle it because the products which industries produce are perilous and heath menace chemicals. Packaging which is colossal and expeditiously enlarging of waste in form of solid accounts for 30% of MSW and 40% of plastic which is never eco-friendly.

3. Landfills dilemma

Landfills dearth as inconvenient waste administration posing another hazard to environment as they contaminate ground water and likely to rise in hazardous gases, making manage waste as burdensome task. It is so toxic for environment where it can last for 30 years.

4. Waste Disposal is vested interest?

The serious concern has become a profit making venture, for those who back for intact and quality management for waste are outranked. Large enterprises in the waste disposal business dictate all aspects of the market from operating landfills, sewer systems and incinerators to recycling facilities. The corporation simply intends to generate advantage disregarding waste cogitation at the cost of catastrophic brunt to environment and later they conspire with vested interest brokers leading to enormous issue regarding adequately management to waste and aggravate the problem of waste. Some cases are seen as agreement between state and industry to boost waste amount and bolster landfills which is which is disgraceful as being a human.

5. Disposed Technology

It is the basic nature of human to achieve a vast in just a step, same goes with our waste management corporation who wants a quickie and myopic solution instead of establishing sufficient and adequate programs. They are still running after old technology monks to deduce waste and are very less ingenious to new methods that could be helpful in reducing the volume and toxicity of waste

6. BOOST to Global Warming

It is said that some technologies are intend to be recycled with the tag “green” such as gasification, plasma arc, pyrolisis and many more as they burn waste but left with no oxygen, which is none other than the old incinerators of generating waste from burning waste and discharge toxic waste to environment which cause harm to people also.

What could be the possible solution?


This is consider as mantra from ages which is used to teach the waste management education by authorities and communities and at the state level too with the aim and concern that it might help in deduction of non-sustainable waste and achieving the goal of zero waste on one day. The waste can be reduce with the introduction using recycled products and buying less and using and repairing old products more and more.

  • Efficient techniques for management of Waste

The strategy which the Modi government adopted in order to manage waste disposal “SWACCH BHARAT ABHIYAN” is a commendable step for municipal waste disposal. It assures continues improvement of contemporary and cost effective which aspires to have healthy environment all around. Landfills problem can be solved through proper appliance and monitoring of waste in different forms. Construction waste which is produced in tones should be recycled in areas of village house or landscaping, public parks or roads instead of dumping them in landfills which can ease these fly tipping activities making the situation worsen if dumped, as solid waste. Waste diversion plans can be formulated in order to eradicate the problem of sewer material and landfills and some machines could be developed which can filter the waste which could be recycled or re-used. Measures such as mandating equipment standards and rerouting of refuse collection/transfer can enhance the environmental performance of waste disposal operations.

  • Thermal Waste Treatment

This kind of waste is related to release of toxic gases with organic compound such as PAHs, dioxins, furans. Investigation is going on to get advanced and effective strategy with regard to thermal waste treatement along with environment worry.

Abovementioned are some of the major concerns and solution to problem, all focus is on the reduce waste and encourage reuse. We all need to bring a change in ourselves because this is a serious concern with regard to our future only.

Aishwarya Says:

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