Antecedent the expansion of coal in the mid 19th century, where energy used was renewable, established to be the oldest from more than million years ago where traditional biomass manifests as fuel fires and it is prevalent till date. Also it is used to mobilize the wind in order to stimulate ships over water. Paleolithic times where energy was consumed for bathing and the space heating concept originated from Roman Empire. The energy was used for human, animal, wind and water power, in grain crushing and firewood. Environmentalists bolster renewable energy as source prospective against depletion of oil which dodge the dependence on oil. Subsequently, electricity generators wind turbines also got developed.

But in a developing nation like India, the country which is highly populated, it has become a part of daily investigation by scientists and researchers to find new a cost effectively, ways of providing energy which don’t pose a threat to the global environment and also world needs to upgrade from fossil fuels to more efficient ways of generating energy. The progress is made in terms of solar and wind energy which originates the modular energy used in developing areas but now the world is spotlighting water use of providing power. Some of the ideas which got recognized by venture capitalists and government to fund on.

Disciple Ocean Water to Jet Fuel

Naval Research Laboratory has advanced of using ocean water to convert into fuel and processes it as a accessible to airplane. It claims that 92% of CO2 is removed from sea water converted as fuel. The demonstration indicated the potential for transitioning the innovative technology from the laboratory to implementation in the commercial sector. The cost ranges from $3 to $6 per gallon.

Artificial Photosynthesis

Artificial Leaf, which extracts energy from sunlight to remove water from hydrogen and fuel obtained to be the substitution of diesel and gasoline. This is Caltech Innovation development, aimed to make device capable of generating electricity too. It is cost effective and it advertise the solar to chemical conversion with adaptability of 3 percent.

Slow River Water Turbine

The word slow is added in the project name because the river water runs slow as compare of ocean water and it aims to generate power and energy with vortexes in moving water and the water which is under will flutter which movement will turn into the mechanical motion. The first Commercial innovation was named as VIVACE

Geothermal Energy

This energy has a commonplace around Earth and across Countries and Continents using this energy for heating and cooling as grabbing the heat from Earth to generate power. But what about the Dry land Areas, the technology name as EGS, where water will be pumped through hot rock reservoirs with high pressure, when water will steam and pumped through power turbines and electricity will generate.

MIT conducted a study which indicated that this technology was capable of providing 100 gigawatts of electricity by the year 2050. For this reason, in the United States, venture capital firms such as Google, the US Department of Energy, selected universities and geothermal industry members are collaborating with research projects to develop ways to capture EGS energy.

Compact Fusion Reactors

The goal of this project is to create reactors which are stable and powerful to generate power to a city with population of around 100,000. This project was started in 2013. Initially, the team created 2-meter reactor in a cylindrical form and placed deuterium gas inside and heated it with RF energy, creating circumscribed plasma. A magnetic field is used to keep the plasma stable. In 2013, the goal was to produce a 100 MW plant prototype within 5 years, and then build a commercial plan within 10 years.

Solar Roadways

It is one of the tremendous invention of 21st Century which is expensive and luxury providing the energy from sun to electronic vehicles along with concrete road and to nearby small towns, but this project is proposed till date and it is infrastructure with future prospective.

Tides Turn in Renewable Energy

It has capability of nuclear power generation and to compete with base load coal. It is considered to be upcoming most stable and usable form of energy generating from turbine named as SEAURCHIN gained a lot of evolutionary change from Australian Concept

Potential of Volcano to Provide Geothermal energy

This is scary to know, that if pumping pressure around volcano can generate power. Isn’t it will cause earthquake but it is established from the research conducted by MIT that heat below around 6 miles can generate 2500 percent more of electricity that world uses currently.

Mining Asteroids

What if exploiting the raw material in form of asteroids generate electricity, it is considered to be expensive and aggressive project with regard to future perspective as minerals, energy, water are in tremendous quantity comparing from Earth as is stated by eminent research

These are some of the ways which could help in generating power in a more efficient and cleaner manner though the accidents of explosions, gas leaks, oil spills are need to prevented properly but the main need is to make energy without harming the nature and with regard to survival of this planet. We have evolve from sail to coal and from coal to oil but looking at the population cause a serious concern to look at.


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