Why mental health is this much important??..

Considering we live in our own minds, engage in society with our minds, and our psychologic state determines our physical pain tolerance and also how spiritually connected we are, I’d say it’s pretty damn imperative to sustain a healthy mind state and overall mental health for an optimal life. To a degree, it determines our success.. If you aren’t mentally healthy, you’re less likely to be able in having friends, fulfilling romance, a foundational life style (which unfortunately with our world that makes it mostly about money), and just overall happiness… Though I also will say.. your life will be rather dull without connecting to your spirit..

You need to learn how to let your soul speak by pushing your ego aside, which is extremely difficult in doing.. I’m 19, and I am rather elated in my vibrational frequency.. But really, physiological age is of irrelevance within most aspects of life. I am not mentally healthy and I am very spiritual, but, in most people who aren’t spiritually gifted as how I am, you typically need to be happy in order to achieve your spiritual state.. Which that will require a healthy mindset.. But define healthy.. A healthy mind can look different based by individual person, and what makes you happy also will differ..

Mental Health encompasses our emotional and psychological well-being. It takes into account how we think, feel and act in accordance to our environment. Mental health can help us determine how we deal with life events, relate to people around us, and our ability to manage stress.

Mental health and physical health are both components of health and need to be attended to equally for healthy life outcomes. Mental health conditions have a substantial effect on all areas of life namely academics, work, interpersonal relationships and performance. Our ability to solve problems, decision making, attention and learning get affected as a result of poor health.

Being emotionally healthy, one can perform effectively and adapt well to transitions of life as well as help to cope better in the face of adversity.

Small things like eating healthy, exercising, getting adequate sleep, talking about one’s feelings, having a support system, establishing healthy boundaries in personal and professional spaces can help us cater to our mental health. In times of distress and vulnerability, getting professional help is beneficial and can help in building perspective and enhance the overall quality of life.

It affects how we think, feel, and act. It also helps determine how we handle stress, relate to others, and make healthy choices. Mental health is important at every stage of life, from childhood and adolescence .

I am a teenager who has recently started suffering from severe depression. Well actually I wish it was that simple, but it has been a downhill slope over the past few years that has lead to things such as suicidal ideation (contemplating the value of your life, and the idea of suicide). I live in a developed country (Canada), so getting help really is not that difficult, but what makes it bad is the stigma against mental health, which still exists here in. There is also the fact that most of the population has a limited understanding of mental disorders, so when they try to help, they may actually make it worse. Let me give you a few examples that apply to depression:

“Just snap out of it!” Not that simple, considering this is an actual illness, like cancer, or the flu, except it lasts much longer, and is absolutely crippling.

“It’s all in your head” Yeah, thanks. People with depression already think everything is their fault, so telling them this will deter them from seeking treatment.

“You just need to look at the bright side, be more optimistic” I can’t control it, the little voice in my head just constantly tells me I am worthless and have no use. I honestly have no control of my emotions, that is why depression is classified as a mood disorder.

Mental illnesses affect a large portion of the population, so we must teach the public about them, just like we learn about the basic human anatomy. When society becomes more open to those with mental illnesses, and when we learn to help those who suffer from these illnesses, people become more willing to seek help.

Everyone knows someone who has a mental health problem. Something like a quarter of people have mental health issues. If you make yourself aware you will be less likely to judge them wrongly. For example shy people like me are often mistaken for people who are arrogant or snobs.

If you understand how your own mind works, the cycles of your states of being, then your potential for quality of life expands. “The unexamined life is not worth living” overstates it a touch, but not much. Let’s work here with the phrase “mental health” to mean patterns of behavior and experience generated and perceived by the conscious being associated with a brain and body. This includes healthy and unhealthy experiences. Everything you experience cannot be separated from your physical being. The thought that there is a you thinking is in itself a thought. The quality of your life will depend mostly on the quality of your physical being. Treating your body with healthy choices, diet, exercise, sleep, sanitary practices that reduce pathogens, these behaviors increase the quality of your life. Your consciousness is more than your body. You do exist, with awareness of self and not self. You perceive, experiencing an outer world and an inner world, with thought and emotion. Mental health is about the quality of thought and emotion, and the choices they compel you to make. Your consciousness is a collection of desires, some of which are necessary to continued existence, and therefore you have minimal choice about them. In terms of mental health, we’re interested in your ability to choose, to direct your life. When you can guide your thoughts to a beneficial way of thinking, you can respond to the events of your life to your advantage. When you can experience your emotions without being flooded, the richness of life, the enthusiasm for living, fills your being like the breeze fills the sails of a boat.

Learning all you can about mental health increases your ability to exercise your ability to choose wisely.

Aishwarya Says:

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  1. I think living in the 19th century would have been better. People thought for themselves and didn’t look to others to solve their problems. Also, life had enough challenges and being responsible took up far too much time to sit and ponder. We can be our own problems by thinking about ourselves too much. As in the movie Pinnochio, do what’s right and everything else takes care of itself.

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  2. Besides keeping yourself physically fit, the exercise cycle rouses several brain elements that uplift your frame of mind and make you cheerful and happy. It is mainly helpful when you’re going through a long stressful day. Exercising regularly will not only make you feel better about yourself but also will boost your self-esteem and confidence. http://www.revivenursinghome.com/2021/09/27/why-is-exercise-beneficial-for-a-healthy-living/

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