Salient Features of the Constitution

The Constitution of India is the supreme law of the country and every citizen has to abide by the Constitution. The salient features of the Indian Constitution are as follows:-

  • Lengthiest Constitution of the World

The Constitution of India is the lengthiest and most detailed written Constitution of the world. The Indian Constitution consists of 395 Articles, 25 Parts and 12 Schedules.

  • Parliamentary form of the Government

Parliamentary form of Government is established by the Constitution of India both at the Centre and the State. The idea of keeping parliamentary form of the Government is taken from the British model. In parliamentary form of the Government, the President is the constitutional head of the State, the real powers vests in the Council of Ministers whose head is the Prime Minister. The Council of Minister is directly responsible to the Lower House, i.e. the Lok Sabha. Members of Lok Sabha are elected by the people on the basis of adult franchise.

  • Fundamental Rights

One of the contrasting features of the Constitution of India is the Fundamental Rights. The Constitution of India provides 6 Fundamental Rights under Rule 3 of the Constitution to every citizen of India. These rights are prohibitions against the State and the State cannot make any law to take away any of the rights of the citizens. If any such law is passed, it is declared unconstitutional by the courts.

  • Blend of Rigidity and Flexibility

The Constitution of India is both a rigid and a flexible one. A rigid constitution is a constitution which cannot be amended easily and requires a special method of amendment of any of its provisions, while a flexible constitution is a constitution which can be easily amended. Written constitution is generally regarded as rigid, but the constitution of Indian is considerably flexible.

  • Directive Principles of State Policy

The Directive Principles of State Policy are contained in Part 5 of the Constitution. They set out the aims and objectives to be taken up by the States in governance of the country. If any State is unable to implement any of the provisions stated in Part 5 then no action can be bought against the State.

  • Adult Suffrage

The system of adult suffrage has been adopted in the Constitution of India. Every man and woman of the age of 18 years or above has the right to elect the representative for the legislature.

  • Single Citizenship

The Constitution of India is flexible and provides for double polity, i.e. both at Centre and State, but still there can be a single citizenship as per the Constitution. There is no State citizenship under the Constitution. Moreover, if a person acquires the citizenship of other country, he/ she no longer remains the citizen of India.

  • Federation with strong Centralising Tendency

The most important feature of the Constitution is that while it is federal, it acquires a unitary characteristic in case of emergency. During the times of emergency, the powers are acquired by the Centre.

  • Fundamental Duties

A set of 10 fundamental duties are incorporated under Article 51. Fundamental Duties are provided as a reminder to the citizens that while there are fundamental rights of every citizen, there are some duties which every citizen must perform.

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