Meaning of Law and Justice

What is law?
According to Thurman Arnold:- There is no specific definition of law. One cannot define law in a statement. Reason is that society is dynamic in law is made for the regulation of society. He further emphasized that how one can define a static definition for the Dynamic society. However there are different school of thoughts, those tried to define law.

Law is very vast.
It is used in our day to day lives, it is used to settle disputes among the parties, it is a set of rules which is used to govern our country, to punish the criminals or wrong doers. We use law in our day to day life without even knowing about it.

Example:- crossing the road, driving vehicles, purchasing and selling of goods and services.
Basically the whole universe is controlled by law.
Example:- The law of divine oneness, The law of vibration, law of attraction, law of correspondence, law of motion, law of gravity, law of cause and effect, law of polarity, law of action, law of gender, space law etc.

In India, Laws are created by the parliament and state legislatures. If a court finds it unconstitutional then it can strike it down.
Legislation in India takes place from the Birth rule itself. There are few pre independent legislations which are still followed in India. These are:-
Indian Penal code, 1860 (IPC)
Indian Contract Act, 1872
Indian Evidence Act, 1872
Civil Procedure Code, 1908 (CPC)
Government of India Act, 1919
Government of India Act, 1935

What is Justice?
According to Salmond, Justice means to provide everyone their share.
According to J. S. Mill, justice is the name of certain classes of moral values which concerns the essentials of human well being more clearly and are, therefore, a more absolute obligation Dan any other rule for the guidance of life.
According to Robert C. Tucker, the idea of justice connotes a rightful balance in a situation where two or more parties or principles are in a conflict.
Justice has originated from a Latin term ‘jus’ which means ‘Bond or Tie’. It means that justice is a system in which men are tied in a close relationship. This relationship has rights and duties attached to it . When a man behaves appropriately and in a good manner with others then he is said to be doing justice to others.

In human society the concept of justice has a great importance and man is struggling from the very beginning to achieve justice. Every person demand for justice if some unjust wrong has done to them. But not every demand is justice.
Example :- A drunkard demands to drink, students demand for cheating, robbers demand for money.
These demands cannot be accepted as it goes against the law.
Concept of social values keeps on changing according to circumstances and time. It is not necessary that what is just today will be just tomorrow.
Example:- In ancient times child marriage was allowed and just but as the time changes today child marriages are prohibited.
The same concept goes with justice it changes with circumstances and time.

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