How media or press play its role.


Knowledge is the true opinion. Media is a very strong mode of communication and spreading knowledge. The purpose of news media or journalism is to make awareness of the current situation in the society to the common people, it helps in providing correct information with regards to current affairs, international relations/news, business news, sports news, health news, amendment or new law if any, political news, stock market news, government news, etc.


Indian media is the oldest media in the world. In the late 17th century. The print media came into existence. The first Indian newspaper was published in 1780 by Hicky’s Bengal Gazette or The Original Calcutta General Advertiser in Kolkata.

Further when India was independent in the year 1947. The Press Enquiry Committee was formed by the Constituent Assembly to investigate press laws.

The committee recommended establishing the All India Press Council. Following it, the council established the Act in 1956 which was in operation till December 1975. The act was wiped out during an internal emergency by the council.

In 1978, new legislation was introduced by The Press Council of India (PCI) i.e.; The Press Council Act, 1978. Today, it is a formal body that deals with maintaining, improving the standard, and protecting freedom of the press in the country.


There are three major responsibilities of every journalist they’re as follows –

  • Social  Responsibilities: as journalist present our environment to the society at large through which a common public understand and consume the same. Its journalist responsibility to look after what they publish is truthful as a very large number of people depend upon and review it. 
  • Legal Responsibilities: legal responsibility of every journalist is they must follow the law with regards to non-disclosure and privacy of the person they write about. If they are careless about these they might get into trouble in case of defamation.
  • Professional Responsibilities: they should be honest, faithful, and transparent in providing every detail of the subject matter. They write or interview about, they should present all sides of the case and research and talk with some knowledgable person about that particular subject.


  • They should report the truth and also verify the same.
  • There should be integrity by the journalist for the people.
  • There should be unbiased reporting.
  • They should make the important news interesting.
  • It must contain all-inclusive reporting / thorough reporting.
  • There must be a forum for public comment.


Today, we all are aware of the NCB star kid case, we are getting all the information regarding the star kid drug case simultaneously there is one more incident that has happened which is the Lakhimpur Kheri case.

Which have you heard a lot in media? 

The majority of you are only aware of Shah Rukh Khan son’s Aryan Khan got arrested in a drug case.

We all are receiving notifications about the NCB case such as Aryan and two others are in the custody of NCB till this many days or NCB says it has an international connection in this matter or Aryan khan has asked for science books for his studies or Aryan khan is been taken for hearing at 2:30 pm today, his mobile will go under forensic investigation, chats have been found in dealing of drugs and many more updates which are irrelevant for common people.

In the other case, UP Union Minister Ajay Mishra’s son has hit few humans from his luxury SUV car. Eight lives have been lost including four farmers yet they are struggling for proper action to be taken by the officials against the wrongdoer and the apex court has to come into the picture and file the suo moto as the UP state government has failed to take action against the politician’s son.

Navjot Singh Sidhu and Indian Youth Congress workers hold protests over this incident.

In which case media should focus, investigate and update common people more.

Is the media industry distracting common people from vital matters which happens in society because of political strategies or they have forgotten their responsibilities and duties?

In today’s world, media news can’t be trusted at all because they focus on immaterial things more which are of less importance, and produce irrelevant news. 


Today’s media industry is more into making profits than serving common people with correct information, which will keep them aware of what is happening around them. Journalism is the primary source for many people they’re dependent on the media for the latest update. They have to be transparent and honest with their work.

If we won’t get proper, true, transparent knowledge how can we put forth our true opinion and teach our young ones and coming generation?

There is some much biasness in today’s media that only popular voices can be heard. We have lost the voice of the voiceless. We must decide that what type of important news we want to hear, we shall entertain that and lower others.

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