Resourceful or resourceless?

What law we have today? is it anywhere close to eradicating poverty? Government is making development after players are winning in Olympics. Why not provide basic facilities through out country and not just focus on metropolitan states.

Aren’t humans the most selfish creature on the planet? Our wants never end. Humans try to
maximize their resources as much as they can and the idea is passed from one generation
to another. And this is where the resources become scarce. The experimental video emphasized on how and what the circumstances would be if we were to depend on local fish ponds for food. Pond being shared with 3 others. Fish being reproduced everyday and there should be a pattern of catching fish everyday. The pattern should be followed so that each fisherman is able to maximize his food supply and to take only one fish each day so that the balance is maintained.

But what happens if one takes more than one fish? Number of reproductive pairs falling will
lead to a drop in population, affecting the entire village depending on that pond. This can be
taken as an example of tragedy of commons.

This event was first described by economist William froster Lloyd in 1833 in a discussion of
overgrazing of cattle on village common areas. Later popularized by ecologist highlighting
the issue of sharing limited resources with a large population.
In order to maximize one’s interest, an individual not only harms the rest but leads negative
effects on the entire population. For example, the richer countries are hoarding most of the
covid vaccines while leaving behind poorer countries with very low percentages of doses or
none at all. Another example for the same would be how there was scarcity of essentials
during this pandemic, how each individual would end up stocking upon food. Here again
people were not thinking collectively leading to insufficiency of food to the remaining society.
When one fisherman decides to take 2 or more than required fishes from the pond, the other
fisherman will do the same, leading to tragedy. Similar situations all around the world leading
to tragedy of commons.
The overuse of antibiotics had led to short term gains in livestock production and in treating
common illnesses like but also, resulting in the growth of antibodies which may spread and
create a separate threat. These big industries often have only one main aim i.e of profit
without thinking twice about the various services and contributing to the long term
environmental pollution. Industries therefore are the root cause for global warming..
Whom should we blame for water shortages? The population we have today? India being
the greatest example with 3,287,263 square kilometers having 136.64 crore population we
are the very first country in the world which is going to end up with shortage of resources at
a rapid speed.

How will these issues deduct ? We humans have a lot of organizations who work for the
welfare of the state and not self interest, and helping others . We sign social contracts,
agreements, elect governments as a means for goodwill of our state. Recycling would be the
best method to avoid any kind of scarcity in near future. One of greatest examples would be
the Saudi Arabia’s where the Prince Mohammad bin Salman has planned a city with no
cars, no roads, or carbon emissions, cutting out one of major chunks of traffic, pollution. As
well as the country like Sweden which uses garbage for generating energy.

Thus Hardin’s lesson teaches everyone what’s good for all of us is good for each of us. If we
decide to learn from the theory and unite to work together and distribute resources without
any malice and selfish intent then we could make positive progress towards making our
planet earth accessible in an equal manner and a lot safer to live in. Being greedy and
hoarding resources and not having it equally distributed can only last so long. What happens
once you run out of it? Therefore, with our current world crisis, it has become a dire need to
join hands in solidarity instead of hostility.

Aishwarya Says:

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