A government is an institution or a system made of a group off people that takes care or manage the country or state. The government has the power To rule a territory, according to the administrative law. Government makes laws,  takes decision and perform various functions. Some of them are –

  • They provide people with good infrastructure by building roads, hospitals, educational institutions, parks museum etc.
  • Government work for the welfare of the society aa they look after how to deal with the poverty line, unemployment, discrimination etc.
  • They take care of the citizens basic needs like education and health.
  • Government provide security to the citizens and also maintain law and order within the country.
  • They maintains armed forces to defend the boundaries of the Nation.

There are lot of work which are done by the government for their citizens.


In India there is government at  three levels. National level which is known as central government. Second is state government and the third is Local self government (like panchayat).  These three levels of government are  distributed to easily control the administration of the country.


Legislature is the part of the government which makes the law. Our Parliament is the central legislature of the country. It has two parts – The Lok sabha and The Rajya Sabha. The member are called Mps. The laws made by the parliament is applied to the entire nation.

The laws made by the legislature are implemented by the executive. India’s central executive is headed by the president of the country, although it’s real work is done by the prime minister and the council of ministers.

A system of courts known as the judiciary settles disputes and makes sure that the laws are obeyed by each and every individual. The Indian judiciary includes the Supreme Court, The High courts and various lower Courts. The Supreme Court is the apex court in the country where as the High court is the heights court in the state.

The legislature, the executive and the judiciary are know as the three organ of the government


There are three main kinds of government in the history of mankind. These are –

  • Monarchy – Monarchy is the form of government in which a monarch that is a king or a queen has the absolute power to govern the country.  Monarchy is hereditary that means the power gets transferred to the next generation. In monarchy people do not have the right to choose their ruler. Example- Bhutan has this form of government.
  • DICTATORSHIP – The form of government in which the power rest in the hands of single person or a small group of people is known as dictatorship. The dictator is the head of the country and the people who challenge him are severely punished. Such power is often obtained by force. Pakistan faced dictatorship for a long periods in the past.
  • DEMOCRACY – The most popular form of government is democracy. Democracy gives people the ultimate right to govern themselves or allow a person to represent them. Each adult in a democracy has the right to vote and the biggest advantage that democracy gives is Right to freedom. Democracy may be direct or representative. In direct democracy, every adult citizens votes on every issue on which a decision is to be taken. Where as in representative democracy people elect a representative who takes decision on their behalf.


The universal suffrage or franchise means the right to vote. In India we have universal adult franchise, which means each an every individual aged 18 or above has the right to vote irrespective of their caste, gender, religion, complexion etc.

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