There is a popular belief that the britishers colonized and civilized India and some people also seems to be showing respect towards them especially some Indians.

Britishers came to India seeing it a great trade site and they eventually and slowly captured all of India and it’s resources.

Europeans sent Christopher Columbus on a voyage to find India in the Europe’s largest ship. When Christopher arrived at the shore of Africa he thought he had reached India. There was the Indian man whom Columbus realized it’s not India.

Being kind the Gujarati Businessman Kishan lal told Christopher to come with him to get to India, Christopher saw a ship 4 times bigger then his Europe’s largest ship and making a armor around Christopher ship they navigated his ship to India. Christopher was amazed as he was standing on world’s largest port. It was a true incident captured in Journals of Christopher.

From above you can clearly understand India was far more advanced than all Europian countries at that time. It was the time when India was also known as “Sone ki chidya” or golden sparrow as India had surplus of gold and was a great economy.

It is documented that britishers also analysed that even they looted India for 1000 years it’s abudance will still not get empty or deplete at that time only europeans were suffering starvation and famine.

Our Indians values like “Vasudev Kutumbakam” all world is one and “Attithi devo bhava” i.e. Guests are god just turned wrong for us as these Europeans and Britishers sighted an opportunity in it ultimately turned back and betrayed us by wrongfully establishing their rule and ceasing our Independence.

After several visits to India these Europeans started to notice why India was doing so great and they sent Macaulay to see what are they doing right, so when Macaulay investigated he found out that at that time India had this beautiful system of Gurukuls in which 100 percent children had studied and had become epic personalities in  different branches.

Whereas at that time only 15 percent Europeans were literate. And from their the practice and strategies came into existence to disrupt these Gurukuls and change them with convent schools. And part of it was burning all books which had great wisdom of sages of India which was making Indians successful firstly they setted fire to Nalanda University(first university of world in India).

And not finished yet they not only fraudentally stirred up India and divided and ruled and also gave gifts to India like “Caste system” and knowledge of presence of sati practice as we know today apart from the real truth of Sati.

They not only looted India but they raped all our sister and mothers brutally each day of their rule of which evidence you will get from the journal maintained by then Colonel Neil itself when India was under colonial rule he wrote in his journal about his lust fulfillments everyday by raping new Indians girls daily.

There was no escape for the girls who were beautiful and of which britishers got a sight of.

They brutally striped naked our Indian women and burnt their breast with chimta or iron tongs and raped them brutally.

Britishers also gifted India prostitution Houses , the raped women were forcefully made sex slaves and they setted up first prostitution house in Kolkata in 1760.They setted these centre near their cantonment and frequently visited their to satisfy their lust.

Same was the situation wherever they ruled like in Africa their also they made them sex slaves and chained them naked like a dog. But all this was removed from the history due to communists historians and british implanted politicians.

They putted 90% tax on farmers and their 90% production if they not have money.

You might remember Hitler of Nazi Germany he killed millions of Jews but more than that number Indians were killed if they failed to pay taxes by hitting them with Kodas(leather strap with iron nails) and not gas chambers Winston Churchill killed several Indians.

They not only created Bengal Famine In which 4 million Indians starved to death due to their poor administrative system but also they sended forcibly Indians into world war 1 in which 2.5 million Indians died only due to british stupidity and intolerance.

They made laws such that victim had to prove that she has been raped and there were no resources to prove it at that time which clearly induced carelessness and inspiration in Britishers and they continued their raping in more numbers only due to cumbersome laws which clearly favoured britishers and all the raped victims didn’t got justice.

And if you have learned history then you may know how Warren Hasting escaped his punishment only due to his friendly relations with then chief justice Imphey and led the complainant in another case of bribery maliciously and wrongfully and convicted that innocent without proof.

They killed lakhs of Indians mercilessly few of them were only documented like Jallianwalabagh massacre.

They Eated beef and slaughtered the mother cows of Indians in large amounts for there sensual pleasure of tongue.

Unfortunately, all this part was erased from our history and we were only taught that they only looted us but they exploited us to a level as low as animalistic nature.

When they were going they had already took all the trillion worth gold from India and even Kohinoor Diamond of India which is now in British regime.

They not only did cruelty but achieved ultimate savagery.

And railway was not their invention but it was in Canada and Australia already they just made railways for transportation of transfer all gold and wealth of India and it worked easily for them about which people says it is a boon to India. It was just an equipment for the outflow of Indian wealth and fortune.

And don’t forget Indians were most civilized humans at that time as when these europeans were learning about fire and hunting , we Indians were doing Yagya Or Yajna Or HAvans with the fire and endowing wisdom of Ayurveda. And in actual and reality these britishers become little bit civilised by following our virtues and disciplines. Even today scientist like Albert Einstein, Nikola tesla has signified importance of our Vedic text.

We must learn from our past mistake and should not let any other animalistic people rule over the India. And don’t forget the true sacrifices by our freedom fighters such as Subhash chandra Bose, Bhagat Singh and many more.

Aishwarya Says:

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