Pyramid are today known to be ancient pilgrimage site and it has so many mysteries which are not solved yet.

Pyramid are today taken as tourist attraction but it has a very important significance related to human anatomy and physiology which is not revealed in public.

Pyramid are made with very accurate architectural measurements and design with beautiful alignation with all Directions.

Pyramid are actually not just a reservoir of Mummy but also it is a place of spiritual upliftment and energy.

Pyramid from inside is being shown to you in many reports but there are certain Pyramids which are locked up and sealed until now and from when their archaeological presence came to be known. These Pyramid are known to be meditation sight to gain most benefits of spiritual energy.

These Pyramid have most cosmic energy inside of them which enters our body when we get into meditative states.

The third floor in these Pyramid is known to have the burst of cosmic energy which is used for healing wounds and what not which has been kept secret for centuries by the government.

Pyramid has a primodal structure which enables a 25 degree Celsius temperature inside of it which is maintainable since they were built which also shows us footsteps of advanced ancient civilizations.

Pyramids are made of stones which are nowhere found on earth which should sound strange but at the same time.

These are Egyptian gift given to the world. It is not just a beautiful heritage site but it is an eyeopener of our past.

Egyptian has this Pyramid made up on exact equator line and it is also known to be situated at the real and exact centre of the earth. And there are many more secrets which we have to decipher or decode.

Pyramid are a connection to cosmos and this universe it also have the north pole star on its top signing at a particular time and also have same constellation connection.

There have been many theories proposed about their building as by alien civilization and Superhuman.

Kailash Parvat the holy place which all Hindus worship also the place where God Shiva lives is also known to be a Pyramid , and it is in straight line connection with the pyramid of Giza as viewed from above from space and earth as a globe.

Pyramid are also places for best healing as it is said that even cancer can disappear if you live in them and meditate.

At height of 1/3rd above inside pyramid is know as Sahi Kaksh(Room) which is known to be the place where highest Cosmic energy is present and people meditate their to gain highest cosmic and spiritual energy.

Cosmic energy is the energy of the cosmos which helps us in doing great works and keeps us healthy.

And it also maintains flow of energy in 72,000 Nadis and makes people healthy.

Pyramid truth was once unfolded by an enthusiasts who made a moving camera go inside of the wall of Pyramid which was closed by government and found out the some secret which he came on a site and warned government to give him 3 million dollar or else he would disclose the truth of Pyramid and gave a deadline of 30 days but no response came after 30 days from the person itself and the name of the person was never known and what happened to him is still unknown.

Pyramid are mysterious as these are also showing direct proof of aliens and is indicative of highly advanced architectural skills of ancient times which is today an impossible task.

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