Destiny is your life’s predetermined circumstances going to happen to you.

Destiny is said to be written even before your birth, it is like that but is little different in actual.

Actually our destiny is not made by god himself but it is made by a Universal law made by god and this Universe which is “law of Karma or Actions”.

It is our actions and their results which we get in this life and those results could be having an influence from your past life actions, that’s why in Bhagwadgeeta God Krishna has also said to do Karma without the hope of desired outcome which not only helps you perform best in that thing but also helps you from not getting into any suffering due to attachment.

Ultimately, people says that each person life is going to happen the way it is going to happen.

And some who don’t put any efforts in any action still tries to justify their dormancy in the name that their destiny doesn’t favour them and if their destiny has that achievement or success they will surely  get it without any action!

Which is a fools work as you would not be doing any actions and still expecting things to happen on it’s own.

You would see that all peoples who have achieved phenomenal success have done actions and were usually always proactive trying things out and finally they reached their destination.

While sitting idle and thinking that actions will come to them on their own is stupidity as it is just a way of procrastinating.

As true winners start taking action and gives up all excuses and catches an opportunity and then does their best instead of having success even if they fails they still try new things always and learn rather than becoming lazy and getting things for granted. As they also know that a winner never quits and a quitter never wins.

Actually today people are not taking the responsibility of their life and situations and just transferring power to their circumstances whereas, in reality each person have the choice to choose to change. And these choices are what makes a person’s destiny.

You should know that average millionaire has got 3-4 times bankruptcy but they still persisted and finally got success in life later.

Which clearly tells us that we can either not try anything and think of success come by it’s own to us maybe by flying , or you can try once and if failed tell yourself that it is not your destiny to get success or You can take the charge our your life and try things out and even if you fail try again and again by improving and get success and maybe in a way alter your destiny.

We should awake arise and stop not until our goal is achieved rightly said by Swami Vivekananda. So, have a goal in life and pursue it with never give up try to walk if you cannot run  or try to crawl if you cannot walk but do whatever you can do to reach your goal.

In a wise man way see that your choices always decide your future so be wise while making them and remember if Destiny was really decided then it wouldn’t have been in your hand to move your hand and those karma won’t be yours and their won’t be any law of karmas but their is as god has Given Humans the power to Choose to do a certain action which maybe right or wrong.

As Bill Gates has also said-

“If you are born in a poor family it’s not your fault but if you die poor it’s totally your fault.”

Destiny is not locked anywhere actually but your subconscious brain is locked first of all make your mindset of abundance and positivity.

And don’t perform in a way which your programmed stop it and take conscious actions and always be in present because Future always comes in the form Present.

Death is Inevitable and we should know that wee have one life and we should that’s why follow our pursuit and be free from fears, In short destiny is made by your Karma and actions, only few aspects of your life are predetermined like your death which is already decided even before you take birth and all other life happenings are your manifestation so be aware and make your destiny and be the creator of your life.

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