Ayurveda is the knowledge of life and longevity. It is knowledge of ancient medical science. In it natural products from nature are used for treatment.

Allopathy is today’s modern medicine which includes drugs of chemicals and chemically induced proportionated tablets which are effective in treating illness but not it’s cause. Allopathic medicine cuts off the receptors and actually just postpones the disease rather than treating it. It literally paralyzes the signal system in our body.

It’s patient are many people who are taking allopathic medicine for many years but still their illness gets no cure.

Allopathic doctors are just giving medications to not let that disease grow further rather than it’s complete removal from the roots.

Whereas Ayurveda has been always focused upon first principle and always works for the healing and cure of disease from it’s roots. Ayurveda contains mixture of several herb powder in different proportions to make a cure for  a disease. Even Lakshmanji was treated using Sanjivani Buty(herb) which was brought by God Hanuman Ji.

Ayurveda focuses on improving lifestyle of humans to eradicate the disease and making body’s power to resist any disease.

Ayurveda says there are three types of body Vatta(ether and air), Pitta(fire and water) and Kuff(water and earth).

In alkaline body no disease can remain even the cancer as ayurveda’s all medicine are also of basic pH and focuses on toxin removal and complete detox of body.

In Hinduism it is a well known fact that our body is made up of 5 elements which are fire, earth, water, air, sky.

And according to Ayurveda it is because of disbalance of any of these elements only the disease occurs in a body.

And it’s focus is also on balancing these elements as ultimately the disease will be resolved.

Ayurveda is the ancient wisdom from the Indian Gurus in ancient time.

Today Ayurveda has been uprising as due to it’s effectiveness.

So, clearly Ayurvedic medicines are far more good than allopathic medicines which have many side effects in gift for you which certainly is going to harm your body in the other way around.

Ayurveda has been criticized many a times by many allopathic doctors and is banned in many countries as we cannot ascertain the real reason of it but, it could be probably as for to maintain allopathy and keep people sick and to take away their hard earned money time to time and to prosper allopaty and modern medical practices.

We should acknowledge our ancient Dharma and it’s glorious knowledge passed on by great sages, and follow our past techniques to live a happy and healthy life.

Today Modern science is also taking help of ancient books to enhance todays modern medical science and it is also helping them to progress.

Modern medical science is also good but, lacks in many things. Whereas Ayurveda has always standed out and today people are recognizing it’s importance again and people had made it their business of Ayurvedic medicine also which we got for free from our sages. Ayurveda has always focus on making your Immunity but medical science today is only faking Immunity.

And many part of today’s medical science is taken from Ayurveda itself like Surgery which is given by honourable Sushruta ji who is also known as father of Surgery who was an Ayurvedic physician.

As surgery only came into existence due to his wisdom in “Sushruta Samhita”.

Everytime we should also value the free things instead of taking it as granted and make the most out of it for the betterment of Humanity.

Aishwarya Says:

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