Problem with the Indian Democracy

By law everyone is equal in India. There are countries where by law you aren’t equal especially genders are not equal, although you are equal in India as per law but by practice it’s still not. These are very old problems which can’t be solved overnight. A sustained push is mandatory and these problems are of many levels, firstly it’s the democratic system itself. There are people of different religious groups and caste groups, these groups are a way to get votes. As for a matter of fact during the elections they remind you what your religion or caste is. This happens as people have understood the skill of manipulating democracy, the science of controlling the numbers gains/games, how to adapt the numbers and win the election. This is a dangerous and divisive force that is happening in India. During the election no one is spared, all are reminded about their caste. Thus the fundamentals have to change, as though by law we are supposed to be all equal but by practice the scenario is different. The levelling of equalizing is a part of leadership, as in every branch of the controlling body and not just the Prime minister alone.

India as we know is the largest democracy in this Globe. It is a nation where the entire system of government is considered to be elected by the whole of the eligible (attained the age of majority) population. There is a general conception that people have about India that is, the nation stays in brotherhood with all the people residing in it. The nation has seemed to follow this conception too seriously in politics as well. In direct words most political parties and ministers governing today have reached there by the methods of nepotism.

Lets broaden our minds to the concepts of Epistocracy and Technocracy (options thought as remedy):
We might think that democracy if overruled by epistocracy can help improve the nation. Let us first understand what epistocracy actually is. Epistocracy is the method of governing where the government is elected by knowledgeable voters. That is people having better knowledge regarding the political system, and their votes are considered prior to the others. That might sound like a good remedy but knowledge doesn’t sound like the key to cure corruption and enable development. In simpler explanations the most intellectuals might also have corrupted plans and as we know India is a nation where support is provided only through nepotism. Thus in terms of politics too the one opposing the ruling party is harassed and the one supporting is provided with necessary benefits. Not always though as we know how we have a bunch of politicians who promise stuff but never fulfil them within time. Some politicians have acquired their positions today with help of their friends, relative predecessors. At the end whatever the vote counts of the citizens decide is not the ultimate priority , the end decision is always what the centre decides. Having epistocracy over democracy brings no solution to the nation’s development.

Technocracy is another option to think of as a solution. Well it can be. Technocracy is basically the way of governing where the government is controlled over by an elite class of technical experts. This doesn’t mean handing over the entire government to the technical experts. The technical experts of each field can provide suggestions to the government, ideas on how to improve the nation, steps to develop the financial and constructive status of the nation. To quote a pen might be a sword but it takes a wise mind to write wisdom. In the same manner the method of technocracy can help the nation be in an actual developed state soon and not remain just a developing nation for years. This might take time but once people are aware of it we are no longer that few tomorrows to reach a state where we find India developed and has technocratic ruling in a proper systematic manner.

If one reads the constitutional assembly that debates about the late 1940s that has inspirational documents. The Indian constitution that was promulgated in 1950 has an inspiring vision in these documents, and also in the speeches of people like Nehru and Rajendra Prasad and Ambedkar, also other people taking part in the process of building the Indian democracy. In the late 1940s there were people who were working on these projects and they weren’t the sons or daughters of super rich people or great politicians, they were people who had gone there on that platform with their talent and merit. Thus it’s time to return to the vision the founding mothers and fathers that gave rise to Indian democracy in 1947. It is time to sweep away the corrupt, damaged form of democracy that has spread all over the nation in the course of the past years. There was a situation in the late 1940s and in the 50s when the first general election took place, when there was a problem of a large illiterate population managing a way to elect their leaders. That was impractical to do. We had an early model of Indian democracy that was very inspiring to people across Asia as well as Africa. During the wake of colonies people looked up to India as an example. Now people see up to Indian politicians as corrupt offenders, and products of nepotism. You’d even find people having been voted out of power. Thus democracy as it is practised in India today is a fatal weakness as recognised by Mr. Patrick French an “Achilles’ heel”.

Aishwarya Says:

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