Why Dowry should be banned?

Dowry is one of the most important topic it basically means giving any property, money or valuable things or agreed to be giving by the one party to a marriage to the other party to the marriage or the parents agreed to giving there child some valuable or important things to there children‘s marriage to the other party whom they are going to be married. But sometimes the demand from the one side party is that much high that the other party is unable to fulfill it and because of that reason the party has to suffer a lot like they even become the bank corrupt they face a lot of financial issues and sometimes people become mentally distress and try to end there life’s by attempting suicides. Dowry or Dahej is still prevent in India and it is one of the highly stigmatized issue in our society and everybody seems to criticized it still the customs get followed quite  a lot in our society.So,the question is how the customs existence helps to growing the dowry and what are the measure should be taken to eliminate the dowry system from our society.

The Dahej or Dowry is not something which is just particular in the Indian society all the societies across the world had have it. The customs effect dowry like people were think that giving money or valuable things to the women ‘s in laws at there marriage is very important part of the marriage and there daughters are never be unhappy after having all these things so it becomes part of the ritual of marriage but when we talking about the today ‘s scenario it is nothing less than the torture or trauma. It just put the financial burden over the bride ‘s family and even in the some cases the dowry system leads to crime against women as it increasing the emotional injury that sometimes lead to the deaths. Not only this there are several other effects that haunts the womens such as violence and abuse, female infanticide, burning the brides, murder etc. Although there are some laws in India against the dowry or dahej system to reduce these problems.

In 1961 The Dowry Prohibition Act was introduced which is about the prohibiting the dowry from giving or taking and it extends to whole of the India except the Jammu and Kashmir. Penalty will be charged for giving or taking the dowry as after the enactment of this act if anyone did the dowry than he/she will be punished for the imprisonment for not less than the 5 years and also with the fine which shall be depend upon the value of the dowry. If a person directly or indirectly demands the money or anything from the parents  or from any of the relatives of bride or groom than he will be punished for imprisonment from six months to two years and with the fine of ten thousand rupees. If the dowry is given to the benefit of bride or wife’s than no other person take it from her and by any reason other person take it than they must have to return in a specific period and if that not happen than they will be liable for the punishment with imprisonment of six months to two years or fine of ten thousand rupees.

In the Code of Criminal Procedure1973 the offences to be cognizable for certain purposes and to be bailable and non-compoundable. There are some other Dowry Prohibition bride and groom rules which helps to reduce the dowry system. These are some the laws introduced so that the dowry system may decrease in the society as it is affecting a lot because of this individuals give up on there dreams parents did not provide them good education as they always thought what they will do for there children’s marriage if they put all the money on there studies. The poor people also try to kill the girls at wombs as they don ‘t have that much income that they can do anything good for there Childs , so these are the some reason that dowry should be properly banned not just only in India each and every part of the world wherever it performed.

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