It is okay to desire to have fairer skin

Today one is so conscious about the way they look. People spend millions of dollars on the surgeries. Not only they are looted financially but also health wise. While getting surgeries one doesn’t care about their health, recently a man in UK had so many surgeries to look like his favourite boy band. Oli London, who had fifteen surgeries to look Korean and tried to declare himself as Korean citizen with those surgeries. His inspiration was Jimin from the band BTS. He spent $200,000 on his surgeries which is almost one crore fifty lakh rupees.

There are many such example of people having surgeries to look in a particular way. Not just in other countries, even in India one wants to look a specific way. And the most desired look is to have fair complexion. There are so many creams and remedies that one will find to look fair. One of the most common cream is “Fair and Lovely” recently due to concerns renamed as “Glow and Lovely”. At Hand there are so many concerns about people wanting to look fair, many activists and influencers are promoting to look the way you are and not being obsessed with looking fair. Many argue that people in western countries who are fair wants to look tan, they prefer going to beach, or get tanning sprays or creams, go to tanning beds for wanting that caramel skin that usually one finds in Indian complexion . Over there people usually refer fair skin as pale and white and compare it to a dead person’s skin; And in India one wants fair skin.

But the question I ask is why we should follow or change what we want according to the wishes of Americans or Europeans. They are naturally born with fair skin and lack of melanin makes them want more of tanner skin. And Indians have a lot of melanin, making our skin to look tan and dusky a consequence we can desire to have fairer skin. Westerners who want to change their skin colour no one has any objection there but when we want to change, we are someone of shallow and conservative minded people. We don’t need of follow or change what we want according to the desire of people of completely different country. If having a fairer skin makes one confident that one should go for that. It is their life to decide what they want how they want to look and what makes them more confident and happier.

Many celebrities and influencers who promote loving themselves the way they are, can have a hypocritical attitude there. As firstly if we see photo of those celebrities previously and now, we can see a huge difference in their skin. Now having a fair skin. Few examples could be Priyanka Chopra who was referred to as “kaali” by her mates now, out of nowhere she is not any more dusky and has a lot fair skin tone. Then Bipasha Basu also in her previous movies was a lot duskier. Shilpa Shetty could be another example. Even Deepika Padukone and daughter of Shahrukh Khan, Suhana Khan who was much duskier previously now has completely different skin tone. People say one should accept themselves as it is common and natural to have dusky complex, then why still in films and series the actresses are usually fair. Poor and not beautiful are referred and shown as people with dark skin tone. And the worse part is people playing those poor and not beautiful characters are actors having fair skin, who have put dark makeup. Why don’t we have actors with duskier, tanner skin tone. Why actors having fair skin plays that role too.

Wanting a fair skin is just like wanting to change any other feature of the body. One should do whatever makes them feel happy and confident about themselves. The problem or the issue occurs when one starts to discriminate or starts to think low about themselves due to particular feature or flaws in their body. Wanting a fairer skin is still a desire for lot of women in Asian countries and its okay to want something but issue occurs if one is stuck and obsessed with that thing that it tears you down and makes you feel inferior that anyone else.

I am of the opinion that one could change any feature if they want to, not for any other person or if someone else wants you to do. Whether it’s a nose job, lip filler, butt or boobs implant or fair skin. And just because people in other part of the world want to have a particular thing does not mean what we want is wrong or shallow. With surgery or not surgery one has to love themselves and remember this flaw doesn’t make them inferior rather it just embraces themselves more and remember no one is perfect.

Aishwarya Says:

I have always been against Glorifying Over Work and therefore, in the year 2021, I have decided to launch this campaign “Balancing Life”and talk about this wrong practice, that we have been following since last few years. I will be talking to and interviewing around 1 lakh people in the coming 2021 and publish their interview regarding their opinion on glamourising Over Work.

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