Tukaram and Another v. State of Maharashtra (Mathura Rape Case)


The scandalous instance of Tukaram and Another v. Territory of Maharashtra, all the more ordinarily known as the Mathura Assault Case, started off fervency and uncurbed struggles, prompting revolutionary changes in the circle of assault laws administering India. This case saw the issue of custodial assault of a little youngster named Mathura. The Judgment of this case conveyed by Equity Jaswant Singh, Kailasam and Koshal were exceptionally censured and condemned for it is sensible, legitimate and phonetic paradoxes alongside its questionable and chauvinist tone. This case acquired boundless acknowledgment after four recognized teachers: 

Upendra Baxi 

Raghunath Kelkar 

Lotika Sarkar, and 

Vasudha Dhagamwar composed an open letter to the Main Equity of India to have the case reheard.

Realities of Mathura Assault Case 

Mathura, a youthful vagrant, lived with her sibling Gama. She functioned as a worker at the place of Nushi. Throughout work, she created sexual relations with Ashok, the child of Nushi’s sister. From that point, they chose to get hitched. Based on a report recorded by Gama on Walk 26, 1972, expressing that Mathura had been abducted, every one of the concerned gatherings including Ashok, Nushi and different family members were brought before the police headquarters. 

After their assertions were recorded, everybody started leaving at about 10:30 pm. The principal appealing party Ganpat requested that Mathura stand by inside the police headquarters. Subsequent to stopping the entryways and turning the lights inside, he took her up to the washroom and assaulted her notwithstanding her standing up to. 

After he was done, the second litigant Tukaram came and petted with her genitals. He attempted to assault her as well yet fizzled, as he was vigorously inebriated. 

Subsequent to being brought together with her loved ones, Mathura portrayed this episode to them. On being medicinally inspected it was stated that Mathura was between the age of 14-16 years and her hymen uncovered old cracks yet there was no injury on her body. She was inspected by Dr. Shastrakar on Walk 27, on whose counsel a FIR for the equivalent was recorded. After a long fight, The High Court vindicated the appellants in 1979. 

Sessions Judge 

The Meetings Judge absolved the blamed, as he accepted that this was not an instance of assault but rather one of “consensual sex”. The backwardness of his rationale is apparent when he suggests that Mathura being “routine to sex” may have welcomed Ganpat to fulfill her sexual requirements and consequently her assent was intentional. 

He further utilized this line of contention to legitimize the presence of semen on her garments to have come from her demonstration of having sex with some individual other than Ganpat. By this assertion, the Appointed authority is suggesting that Mathura was anxious to the point that she had sex with ‘somebody’ between the hours of this episode and her clinical assessment. 

Nonetheless, in defending the semen on Ganpat’s garments he said it was because of “daily releases”. It is perplexing with respect to why the Court had such twofold guidelines dependent on sex jobs. According to Section 375(6) of the Indian Punitive Code, sex with a lady beneath the age of 16 whether with or without her assent qualifies as rape.

Even after Dr. Shastrakar introduced proof that Mathura was between the ages of 14-16, the Meetings Judge held that the proof deciding Mathura’s age was insufficient. He further held that to sound “righteous before Ashok” Mathura created an account of being assaulted. The chauvinist tone in this judgment is surprising as the Appointed authority allocates a particular job to Mathura by inferring that she needs to devise a story to demonstrate her modesty to her darling. As would be natural for him Mathura was “a stunning liar whose declaration was filled with misrepresentation and impossibilities.” 

Bombay High Court 

The Bombay High Court appropriately recognized detached accommodation and assent. It held that since the denounced were aliens to Mathura and her sibling had quite recently documented a case in a similar police headquarters, the odds of her making progresses on them was exceptionally unlikely. Further, they were in a place of power and any protection from them could demonstrate impeding to her or her sibling. 

This is an unmistakable instance of inactive accommodation brought about by the danger of injury. The way that the constables restricted her to the police headquarters alongside her demonstration of quickly portraying the episode to her family shows an unmistakable absence of assent. The Court again appropriately held that the “shortfall of semen on the vaginal smears and pubic hair” was a result of the way that she was inspected 20 hours after the episode and it is apparently for her to have washed up meanwhile. 

Albeit the High Court properly sentenced the blamed there were a few sections for the judgment that were incomprehensible. Initially, the Court concurred with the Meetings Judge on the record of Mathura’s age. On the off chance that both the Courts were certain that Dr. Shastrakar’s assessment was inaccurate why didn’t they coordinate any further assessment into her age? 

Besides, while subduing the quittance of the blamed, the High Court expressed that these two “men of honor” were outright aliens to Mathura and it is incredibly impossible that she’d approach them to fulfill her sexual requirements. It is bewildering that while sentencing the denounced for assault, this Court has alluded to them as respectable men. 

Supreme Court 

At last in 1979, the Supreme Court upset the conviction of the Great Court and cleared the charged. The High Court concurred with the Meetings Judge that this was an instance of consensual sex. On this point the High Court additionally added that since “no characteristics of injury” were found on Mathura’s body there was “no opposition” on her part and since she didn’t “raise a caution” for help she “assented to sex.” Right off the bat, it is bewildering that this Court has likened the absence of protection from assent. 

Regardless of whether Mathura attempted to oppose she would be weak before two all around constructed, solid constables and in this manner outlandish for “signs of injury” to be cut onto her body.

While the Court read into Section 375(3) of the IPC to hold that her assent was not gotten by placing her in dread as she didn’t protest when she was detracted from her family, it prohibited Section 375(2), which expresses that assault is sex with a lady without her consent. Besides, it is sketchy with regards to how the Courts are sure that Mathura didn’t yell for help. The entryways were bolted all through when Ganpat took Mathura up to the washroom to assault her. 

Regardless of whether she shouted out for help, all things considered, she probably won’t have been heard. At this stage, it is relevant to scrutinize this Court with respect to what their judgment would be if the casualty for this situation were verbally handicap? 

The High Court additionally concurred with the Meetings Judge that Mathura was “ongoing to sex” and this whole story was created to sound “highminded before Ashok”. In such manner, two deceptions usually utilized in English language have been submitted, ‘Argumentum dirty pool’ and ‘Rushed Speculation’. This basically implies that instead of choosing this case on it justifies, the Court continually assaulted the personality of the person in question and reached resolutions with no connection to its premise.

It accepted that Mathura was unbridled to such an extent that she was unable to relinquish any shot at having sex in any event, when her kin Gama, boss Nushi and dearest Ashok were sitting tight for her just external the police headquarters. Mathura’s mix-up to call attention to the specific appealing party who had assaulted her further neutralized her in light of the fact that the Court expressed that in the event that she could conflict with her underlying declaration by changing the denounced from Tukaram to Ganpat, it was conceivable that she had lied about all the other things as well. No respect was paid to the way that these men were aliens to her and she had never seen them this occurrence or that it very well may be hard for her to see their appearances unmistakably as the lights were turned off. 

The truth of the matter is Tukaram stayed an observer while Ganpat was assaulting her like it’s anything but an obscene film or that he was plastered on the job was likewise viewed as unessential in determining the destiny of this youthful girl.

The Supreme Court absolved both the charged expressing that this supposed intercourse was a “tranquil undertaking”. 


This case worked up extraordinary interests and hatred among individuals in the general public. A law more delicate to the sensations of the casualties must be drafted, that secured their common liberties and pride. This brought about the Criminal Law Change Act being passed in 1983. This demonstration altered Section 114(A) of the Indian Proof Demonstration, which expressed that assuming the casualty doesn’t agree to sex, the Court would assume that she didn’t assent. Section 376 of the IPC was likewise corrected, making custodial assault an offense culpable with at the very least 7 years detainment.

This Section moved the weight of verification from the casualty to the guilty party, when sex is established.The alteration additionally restricted distribution of casualties’ characters and held that assault preliminaries ought to be led as in-camera procedures. Despite the fact that the Parliament has revised assault laws to serve equity, legal translation of these laws has done the specific inverse. While there are a few decisions post the 1983 Correction Act that have been fruitful in serving equity to the people in question, there are as yet an equivalent number that are unreasonably drafted like the Mathura Assault Case.

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