Is World Peace possible?

We live in a world where Politics are at highest verge of claiming power for their own benefits, what if our politics would strive on using those power for betterment of people?

Speaker talked about her fight against extreme violence. In her scenario, she was
cornered and outnumbered. Her fight against war unfortunately wasn’t
something that would ever stand a chance against extreme violence in the sense
that it can DEFEAT it. It can and did very much so make a difference but there was
definitely imbalance of power distribution and influence.

If we were to apply that to various examples that we see in society…. we’d see a
very detailed pattern of how things work in this cruel society.
At times, we do stand and fight for our rights and put up quite a front of unity and
involvement for maintaining peace and calm in the world. Every country around
the world is filled with individuals who all will without hesitation, lay their own
lives for a greater cause. We’ve seen that happening for centuries. Innocent but
brave people led to war, led to protests, led to tackle extreme violent cases and
occurrences. We’ve seen a lot being achieved when we’ve fought fire with fire or
fire with sand. We’ve seen the power that unity, thoughtfulness, a sense of peace
and justice and what a lot of courage can hold and bring.
But if it were as effective or drastically praised or thought of as Extreme violence
then we wouldn’t still be here trying to find ways to justify why we need to bring
about change in order to avoid war.

War is unfortunately inevitable. It has happened, keeps happening and will
happen countless of times for as long as there’s inequality and imbalance of
power. You cannot fight extreme violence only just when it’s knocking your door.
It’s going to be effective to a certain extent but it will never bring about the
changes we need to bring in order to “stop or end” wars.

Wars happen on every front. Large, small and minute scale and as much as we
hate to admit it, we let it happen. We constantly blame society for how harsh and
unfair it’s been but what does society consist of if not just us? Our education system, our teachings, what society teaches us from a tender age and how capitalism shapes our very being to a point where we retire or are buried under
the ground. Our morals, ethics, thinking, emotions and opinions. All shape not
only us but the society we live in. How can we even think of uttering out the
words “peace and non-violence can stop war” when we ourselves spend our
whole lives laying brick by brick the very foundation and path for war to make its
way to us in its countless disguises.
Aggressive tendencies, jealousy, hatefulness, cowardly emotions and actions. We
are more likely to display that and are at most point taught to display. Being
superior and unjust, rich and connected, unfair yet accomplished. It’s what we
still sell to the society as the only way for us as individuals to reach the top. That
no one but ourselves are the enemies of each other. You spend your whole life
being taught that independence and success can only be achieved on your own,
when in reality it’s just what keeps us from understanding that our biggest
weapon is not nonviolence but solidarity. A sense of understanding that we are
together and not separated. It’s why we get manipulated to an extreme extent
and wars become inevitable. Because, we let that unjust power take over us,
dictate us, and destroy us. Nothing will change overnight. Extreme aggression will
always overpower us if we continue to not understand that we are capable of
more than what we’ve been fed. Stopping wars is an extremely difficult question
to answer but all equations need a basic formula for getting the end answer and
in our world, the basic formula would be to have kinder more thoughtful ways to
slowly change the society we live in and our mindset towards it. Nothing changes
overnight, it will take patience.

Aishwarya Says:

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