Same Sex Marriage


Right around two years back, homosexuality was decriminalized in the notable judgment by the Supreme Court of India on account of Navtej Singh Johar v. Union of India. Albeit this reformist judgment brings about certain different inquiries that have stayed unanswered in regards to homosexuality that arrangement with same-sex relationships. India doesn’t perceive same-sex relationships and none of the marriage-related laws give express acknowledgment to same-sex relationships. The LGBTQIA people group actually battles with the fundamental basic freedom of communicating their affection for each other through the establishment of marriage. They additionally still need to battle for essential acknowledgment in the public arena. 

Nations all throughout the planet have sanctioned same-sex relationships which is clear that the world is going towards reformist LGBTQIA rights. Despite the fact that India, it appears, can’t dispose of the grip of universality and traditionalism. 

India’s Solicitor General expressed that “Our overall set of laws, society, and qualities don’t perceive same-sex relationships” and “the 2018 judgment simply decriminalizes homosexuality or lesbianism, nothing more nothing less.” 

The law just considers individuals to be the LGBTQIA people group as people and not as couples as an outcome of which gay couples need to smother their sensations of getting hitched to an accomplice of their decision. 

One of the significant reasons that homosexuality is as yet not adequate as “should be expected” in India is on the grounds that it’s inadequate with regards to the stamp of marriage. 

It is by and large how to live seeing someone convert from social to social when the accomplices get hitched. 

Marriage is a consecrated foundation in India and denying the LGBTQIA people group the option to get hitched based on sexual direction and sex personality is biased and against the substance of the constitution. 


Homosexuality has an extremely antiquated history that can be followed to the Rig Veda tracing all the way back to 1500 BC. 

The Kamasutra depicts Harems of little youngsters that Hindu blue-bloods and Muslim Nawabs kept. 

In the sanctuaries of Khajuraho (Madhya Pradesh), there are pictures of ladies suggestively accepting one another and men showing their private parts to one another. 

The Mahabharata has a tale about Shikhandini, the female or transsexual fighter of the time and liable for overcoming Bhishma. She was the girl of King Drupada who raised her as a sovereign. He got Shikhandini hitched to a lady however after her better half found reality she revolted yet later help from above presented Shikhandini with masculinity and she consequently lived like a bisexual. 

As indicated by Matsya Purana, during the agitating of the smooth sea, Lord Vishnu appeared as a delightful lady, Mohini to deceive the evil presences so the divine beings could drink all the everlasting juice. In the meantime, Lord Shiva saw Vishnu and immediately succumbed to him. Their association prompted the introduction of a referred youngster as Lord Ayyappa. 

Alauddin Khalji’s child, Mubarak was known to have had a relationship with one of the aristocrats in his court. 

Babur who discovered the Mughal Dynasty expounded on his adoration for men. He composed with no shame that he was enamored with a kid named Baburi. There was no dissatisfaction with his composition during his time. 

In Valmiki’s Ramayana, Hanuman depicts seeing ladies in energetic hugs in Ravana’s castle and different houses in Lanka. 

Hindu sacred writings characterize marriage as the association of ‘two spirits’ and similar sacred texts additionally characterize that a spirit has no sexual orientation. 


With the coming of Brahmanism and afterward British Colonialism, these encounters began to be viewed as an issue of contempt. 

The Aryan attack started to smother homosexuality as they encouraged the strength of a male-controlled society. Gay people were rebuffed and exposed to different physical and mental torments 

This in the end brought forth homophobia which, with time, changed its structure. From that point, homosexuality began to lose its foundations. 

The British followed victorian qualities established in Christian thoughts of transgression. They considered Indians to be joy chasing and acquainted laws with train and socialize Indians. During autonomy, the vast majority of the principal architects of our country state, prepared in British Schools and universities, appeared to concur with this British perspective. 

Self-loathing towards everything Indian is predominant even today. We can’t acknowledge that Indians were tolerant. We need to accept that antiquated India resembled Victorian England. 

Myths and realities

Myth 1: it’s unnatural to be LGBTQIA 

Reality: This Myth comes from the conviction that sexual connections are framed for the reproduction of youngsters as it were. In all connections, the choice to have youngsters is complicated and needs incredible thought. Albeit numerous heteros choose to have kids, many don’t settle on a similar choice or can’t have kids. Then again, numerous LGBT individuals decide to have kids or bring up youngsters with their accomplices. What is generally significant in a family is being cherished and really focused on. 

Myth 2: LGBTs are Promiscuous or Somehow More Sexual Than the “Straight” populace 

Reality: The issue around this Myth is that it is felt that being LGBT is just with regards to sex. LGBT individuals carry on with full lives, which incorporate looking for food, doing the clothing, planting a nursery, and going to work each day. Being LGBT is concerning who you love inwardly, mentally, and physically and how you recognize yourself. 

Myth 3: LGBTQIA individuals are “not typical,” they are a formation of the cutting edge age; their personality is a “pattern.” 

Reality: Sexual direction and sex character are not “latest things.” Almost every nation has a written history of individuals whose personalities and practices look similar to what we call today heterosexuality, sexual openness, homosexuality, and transsexual personality. 

Myth 4: Bisexual individuals are recently confounded, insatiable, and can’t be monogamous. 

Reality: Sexual direction and sex personality are liquid. Bisexuals can possibly be drawn to individuals of more than one sex, yet they don’t really have to have an accomplice of every sex. Most bisexuals don’t need to be engaged with more than each sexual orientation in turn to feel satisfied. 


As of late a PIL was documented in the High Court of Delhi which looks for conjugal rights for the gay local area under the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955. The couple contended that things like opening a joint financial balance or purchasing family health care coverage, those exchanges that hetero couples underestimate, are very trying for them 

section 5 of the Hindu Marriage Act lays conditions for a substantial marriage. It says that marriage happens between “two Hindus” with no reference to heterosexuality or homosexuality. No place is it referenced under this part that the marriage should be solemnized between ‘just’ a man and a lady yet gay couples can’t get hitched and register their marriage under the demonstration. The language utilized in the Hindu Marriage Act is impartial. The severe adherence to the bygone qualities and standards, denying the consecrated right to get hitched to an accomplice of one’s decision, is rigorously against the substance of the right to life and individual freedom ensured by the Constitution under Article 21.

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