The INDIAN EDUCATION SYSTEM, ruining aspirations, dreams, careers and lives since forever.

On an average an Indian person spends about 16-18 years in school and another 3-5 years in college, if not more thinking that education will put him on the right path of life and rightly so.

What are the expectations?

He/she will know the difference between what’s right and wrong.
Learn about how to perform the basic and necessary functions required in day to day life.
Have some clarity about his field of interest, have in depth knowledge about it and knowledge about how to approach it and make a career out of it.
Will get knowledge about really important things in life like Sex, Communication, Health, Banking, Technology etc.
Will discover his skill and potential. Learn to be creative and innovative and most importantly will discover himself as a person.
But mostly what truly happens after slogging your ass for 20+ years of association with the Indian education system.

Congrats, you now know that Mitochondria is the powerhouse of cell. Now all you have to do is find that bastard, put it inside a cell, the cell will start functioning and to multiply, make it have sex with another cell and ta da you have created your own human being. (oh! But you were not taught about sex in schools). Sorry plan failed.

You learnt extremely useful things like these equations because oh boy! If you don’t know this, how’ll you handle the challenges of life. You put the challenges of life in ‘n’ and these equations will get you the answer. Right? Damn No

You have acquired 1 skill for sure, the skill of cramming 5000 books at a time in every class, out of which 99.9% of the information you won’t retain and won’t use ever in life.
Another magnificent thing that you learn is the importance of grades because as per the criteria set by god, you are only going to heaven if you have secured 90% or more marks, if not your life will be ‘hell’.
But one good part about the education system is it promotes a lot of career options for people. For eg. engineers, doctors, lawyers, chartered accountants and……….. Yeah that’s about it.
Not to forget, you achieve supersonic speeds because you have to write 50 pages of crap during exams in those 3 hrs. At one point I used to write so fast, I burnt the paper because of the friction. School turned me into the god of fire.
Remember in class 10th, One of the most important chapter of biology that should have actually taught you something meaningful was skipped? They had one chance to teach something useful and guess what, they dropped a dolly.
There used to be 1 Games period every week which was taken up by some substitute teacher everytime. Fuck you sports, what’s your role in the indian education system?
Don’t even get me started on the Music/Dance/Art Teachings because lets be honest we have all learnt that at professional level.
All you do is give exams. It was like 3 FA’s, half yearly, 2 pre boards, 1 principal assessment, Finals and class tests in between when there were no other exams and just when you thought of learning something new during the breaks, they hand you with holiday homework which is nothing but a game called copy the answer from the book (doesn’t matter it is already written in the book) you copy it and waste a blue pen, paper, time and efforts into something so unproductive and btw that too has cut throat competition.
Also the education system never lets your friends go away from you. You with 97% and your friend with 37% are enjoying in the same class in the same college. Yayyy!
The Educational Institutions are just like the Temples in a way. That’s so cool right?because they work on Donations too.
Coming to the competition among the students, these days because of the power of degree in our country, people are committing suicides because there is no stress at all to always be at the top and failure is graciously accepted.

Most of the people after spending those 20 odd years in these so called top schools and colleges, spending lakhs and lakhs of Rupees still know jack with two scoops of squat (which basically means nothing).

They are confused as to what to do with their lives. They have zero practical knowledge and zero guidance and in the end after sacrificing so much, they end up with clerical jobs offering 10k-20k and then they are unhappy because that’s not what their passion and potential was (because well they never got to explore it, they were too busy in cramming books and giving exams).

I was at a training during my course of CA, out of the 50 students including me, atleast half the students said that they are doing CA because they didn’t know what else to do after opting commerce. All they knew was CA is a respected degree and holds value that’s it. Had the education system given due importance to sports, singing, dancing, art, fitness and other creative fields and helped students to explore these areas of education as well, maybe they would have landed at the right place.

So basically why the indian education system is flawed?

It is just based on cramming theory and lacks practical based learning.
It lacks scope of creativity and innovation.
It is just degree oriented. It doesn’t give a fuck whether you learn something or not.
Students are not given choice to select their field of interest. One must become an engineer, doctor, lawyer or a CA. Basically admission into a field is based on high paying jobs and not on the basis of field of interest.
It just emphasises too much on grades. Study for grades, not for knowledge.
Extra curricular activities can fuck off.
It has whitewashed brains as if you don’t score well, your life will end and hence there is so much stress and competition. There is a rat race going on. Students are working like machines. Failure is not acceptable and hence suicides.
It has just become a money making business.
Things that one should actually learn for day to day life and important matters like sex education are not imparted.
Education is also not reaching to remote areas and especially to poor people who live in villages and are actually in need of it.
And we all know good quality education is the building block of any country and it is really pathetic too see the situation of education in our country.

Hopefully through this answer i have touched major flaws in the education system and i really hope it gets addressed soon because it is one of the reasons india is still a developing nation. We have great potential in every field, we just need someone to give us the opportunity to explore and work on it and that’ll have to be the schools and colleges we go to and spend majority of our growing and learning stages.

Indian collages are fighting arenas between students, proffessors and, administrator. Students are easiest prey. There is a continue battle between students and proffessors, proffessors wants to fail them and students wants to pass to get degree at any cost, many students drops college in midway because of humiliation done by proffessors, not because of failure in exams.

Indian education system also Stucked between Hindi and English. Means mother tongue is Hindi but study in English, so it creates problems.

For example there are students who wants to study in hindi or their regional languages, but higher study isn’t available in any language other than English. Like medical science (MBBS) in India is available only in English.

So every year thousands of students cracks NEET UG from Hindi medium especially those who belongs to Rajasthan, they goes to various colleges across the country. There their studies gets extremely disturbed and even many students get failed in 1st year just because of language barrier.

Also there is more respect of a person in India if he can speak good English.

Also you can’t get job in private companies if you can’t speak English. Salary is also more for English.

Indian people are highly motivated but wrongly directed and this makes them as a fish which is pushing themselves to climb on tree but actually they are born to rule oceans.

For eg.

People takes useless knowledge.

If you are preparing for IIT and you study biology all time that is completely useless.

Can you tell me what is the use of LKG to 10th wastefull knowledge.

What is the use of those poems in which Robert Frost thinks about snow and crow and my teacher used to beat me because I couldn’t memorise 100 question- answers on that poem and there are thousands of such useless poems , lessons in the syllabus.

What is the use of 40 exercises of probability in mathematics in which you solve problems like

3 balls red, blue, green in one bag then 3 bags then 3 bags put in 3 rooms what is the probability of choosing a red ball from 3rd room?

Probability is important but not in this way, information in world increase day by day it doesn’t mean we must remember everything, what if you start mugging telephone directory, dictionary.

Suppose A doctor study physics just for no reason, so it’s not a crime, but don’t you think he should focus more on medical science.

Can an IIT, AIIMS topper tell his farmer father that how much compound interest has formed on money he has borrowed for his coachings.

When anyone pass out from school, by that knowledge

You can’t crack any compititive exams without coaching.

You don’t know how to give CPR(cardiopulmonary resuscitation). Life saving after heart attack.

You don’t know how to perform HEIMLICH MANURVERE. Life saving after choking.

REACH THROW ROW GO technique. It can save a person who is drowning.

What to do if a lady having labour pain and you are away from any medical service.

What to do if someone is bleeding.

What to do if someone is burning or burnt to some extent, in Surat, fire in coaching center, where victims were jumping and people making video.

What to do if gas cylinder starts burning, short circuit, fire in the house.

What to do when someone throw acid on girl’s face.

What to do if someone go unconscious, dehydration, convulsions.

Even people don’t know how to make ORS (ORAL REHYDRATION SALTS), 0.5:6(salt:sugar)spoon in 1 liter water and due to this millions of infants dies only due to diarrhoea.

What to do if vehicle got puctured midway.

What to do if break get fail of your vehicle.

Women don’t know about menstrual hygiene and end up with infectious diseases.

How to do self breasts examination, it helps in cancer detection at earlier stage.

Basic rules of road transport, railways, water ways, airways.

Basic rules of our constitution that everyone should know.

What to do when snake bites, dog bites.

Our education system is crushing between 2 stones of mill, one is English and another is hindi.

Every 14 September we found people supporting hindi in English but reality is that

In courts, Judge speaks English, lawyer speaks English and innocent farmer stare both of them that what’s going on , he eagerly waits for judgement not justice. Then jugdement comes printed on 50 white papers put in hand of Farmer but he don’t know English.

Our courts gives judgement in 15 yrs in mostly cases that’s why it’s judgement not justice.

Basic rights of every citizen. What are helpline numbers.

What to do in earthquake, flood and any other disaster situation.

We don’t how to save rain water and then surrounded by water crisis.

We don’t know swimming.

Health education, sex education, safe sex, mental health, how to give respect to women and deal with false allegations, consent form before sex.

How to cope with fake news, social media, cyber crime, depression in love matters and then suicide.

Daily you can find a news of suicide of a student in our country not only because they are jobless many times they study in so called IITs, medical, business schools.

It is true that super specialist female doctors, CEO, other highly educated women sometime found to be victim of mental harassment, sexual harassment by their husbands.

So called educated couples in our country do marriages on behalf of janm kundali but they never bother about HIV status, thalessemia, other many genetic disorders of each other.

If our educational institutes are so good that people thinks like AIIMS, IITs, IIM then an 18 yr old student would have never ragged a 17 yr old student till he commit suicide.

If a girl rejects a boy, he start calling her Who**, makes plans of destroying her at any cost, acid attacks are real examples.

Our education system is just making us servents of foreign businessmen.

If you say India has the best brains, yes I agree but can you tell me how many nobel prizes we have in science because it’s not about brain it’s about our ruptured education system. We don’t study to do research, we do study only for jobs.

World Health Organization says India is a global burden of disease means highest contributor of disease in the world, should we proud of this, even most of them can completely be prevented by sanitation and hygiene.

Atlast I want to say that there are few things in our syllabus that are useful but we have to memorise everything to pass the exams and then delete.

My answer to what is wrong with our education system is corruption, superstitions.

Corruption is same as in police system, judicial system, govt. Offices, politics.

Superstition is as Indian people are more religious than scientific and it blunts our thinking process.

We are so superstitious that we break coconut before fighter jet inaugration, we Worship coronavirus, we Worship smallpox, chicken pox, measles as badi mata chhoti mata(goddess). We worship every skin disease, we have treatment of every disease by Black magic. So much of pseudoscience exist in our country, witch hunting, in Uttar Pradesh, a married couples killed a girl child of neighborhood and eaten her intestine to get pregnant with some tantrik practice. Our news channels also supports such stupid pseudoscience. Those anchors are very famous.

Aishwarya Says:

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