Non vegetarian food is a curse in disguise you are being curtained by these big industrial players into believing that it is very healthy whereas reality is apart from it.

Non Vegetarian food is also major hindrance in spiritual growth. Eating it is also considered a major Sin. Negative energies which you summon through Black Magic Practices also eats Non Vegetarian Bhoga (Offerings of food).

It is pure scientific evidence that Non vegetarian food damages your liver, Lungs and Kidney. And  Non Veg food increases acidity in your body which induces many disease into our body including tumour and disease take long time to recover and also the stamina of the person is decreased.

Doctors which are saying that it is healthy are misleading you certainly as that could be their intentional purpose to make you sick or to have disease which they will have to surely treat in return of lot of money.

According to Bhagwadgeeta there are three types of food:

Sattvik(Green leafy vegetable, fruit, milk etc.)increases love, compassion, empathy, honesty etc.

Rajsik(onion, garlic etc.)increases selfishness, desperation etc.

Tamsik(Meat, fish, mutton etc.) increases lust, anger, greed etc.

Each food under each section have likewise properties which also affects our nervous system and develops gunas(quality) in the person.

Despite of it a rumour is also spreaded that it only has nutrition whereas in reality there are several nuts, multigrain etc. in Vegitarian diet which is always enough for your body nourishment.

We human have herbivores type of teeth by nature which is clearly indicative of our herbivorous nature.

Non Veg food is very harmful as it slows our metabolism and is not easily digested which is also responsible for Ulcers and colon cancer.

We must understand this and should not indulge in this taste pleasure which can surely bring tragedy to your health.

Are Eggs Non Vegetarian Food?

Yes, as eggs are just like Embryo in human mother’s body and eating of it is surely eating a possible life and forming life.

We must have our food through the nature instead of killing innocent animals.

And people should not be biased even if they are eating Non vegetarian food as they kills Goat and says not to kill and eat pigs on the other hand which certainly shows their hypocrisy.

Each and every animal is a life form  and Humans have wisdom and have the right to choose from choices which we are given.

We should never harm any animal without any reason as it certainly makes your karmic record bad which you will definetly reap in this life or the other.Just like Bhishma when he struck a snake with an arrow likewise his whole body was driven by arrows by Arjuna.

And even there are two types of Non Vegetarian food Jhatka and Halal of which Halal is served in India which is extremely dangerous. Today in India a Halal Certification is made a fashion which is not only taking your money whereas treacherously and hazardously harming your health.

Halal Non Veg food is when an animal is slowly taken to death bed like slowly cutting it’s neck bleeding it slowly while it cries in extreme pain and agony and then the negative vibrations and fear hormones which the animal body release like cortisol, adrenaline etc. and some poison which the body of animal makes in that situation is all been served in the food form. You are literally eating Poison in the name of food.

Jhatka Method involves suddenly and fastly cutting the neck of the animal so that is suffers lesser pain and his body gets lesser time to react i.e. making poison and hormones etc.

This is just to give you information of what you have been eating and clearly I am not supportive of any of these practices as I only gives preference to Vegetarian food as several experiments have time and time again proven that vegetarian food not only makes you healthy but also increases your longeivity.

Will these animals not increase in population if we not eat them?

To answer this question just know that there is an ecosystem and Web chain of animals given by Nature which you will certainly disbalance if you eat them and also know that nature is strong enough to remove overpopulation and maintain everything just like Corona Pandemic.

And if you have this question then you surely should say why not eat human as their population is also increasing rapidly unfortunately you won’t have this question as every human loves their life same goes for animals and stop eating them just for sensual pleasure of tongue.

So being a human we human’s must pledge to eat vegetarian food always and respect each life form as each life has a soul and God is everywhere and in everyone which is said In Bhagwadgeeta also by God Krishna.

Aishwarya Says:

I have always been against Glorifying Over Work and therefore, in the year 2021, I have decided to launch this campaign “Balancing Life”and talk about this wrong practice, that we have been following since last few years. I will be talking to and interviewing around 1 lakh people in the coming 2021 and publish their interview regarding their opinion on glamourising Over Work.

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