Political status of Bihar

After the partition of India and Pakistan the situation in Bihar is worse than that time. The major political parties, Bhartiya Janta Party and JD u is ruling Bihar not for the betterment but the situation they are making communal and based on cast. The recent Hindu and Muslim unrest and communal fighting was preplanned by the ruling party BJP and its Alliance. The son of Union Minister is directly involved and supported by his father and some leader of BJP.

If we go through the social history of Bihar there were fights between upper caste and lower caste since last 50 years and therefore no solution for that Till now. Now Bihar is suffering from communal unrest. It is the feeling in rest of India that the people belongs to Bihar are very tough to deal with. Now again ,after winning in the by elections RJD ,which is the most corrupted party and having muscle power all over the Bihar will be capturing the power in next election. When BJP and JDU are totally failed to rule the state properly. After the restriction of wine and alcohol ,it is found that the liquor is available in plenty and mafia providing money as Commission to political parties and doing their business throughout the Bihar.

The muscle power is only to rule the state on the basis of caste and money power. I am sure the next time Lalu Prasad party RJD will be ruling the Bihar. BJP has done a very big mistake by toppling the Government of mahagathbandhan. That citizen of India where having a hope with BJP ,which calls a party with difference itself has not delivered anything to the Indian people and they found they are cheated ,because of they are corrupt and communal politics. The BJP always play communal and cast card to get power.. we have witnessed undressed all over the India in the name of caste reservation and farmers are unhappy.

It is my belief that RJD will be making the next government on the basis of caste and muscle power. The political situation and peace of Bihar will be always disturb due to unchanged direction of Thinking of people of Bihar on the line of caste in community. The recent unrest of dalit Samaj and communal unrest will make polarisation of vote bank in favour of RJD. Now nobody trust BJP all over the India.

Bihar most interesting place in india,if you want to learn politics learn from bihar we can say bihar is the “learning politics” capital city of india.Every child of bihar understands politics better than other part of country.

Poltics in bihar is like it has many face like caste,development based,education based dont know how people of bihar cast vote but i can say they are the most intelligent one.

They this time didn’t gave clear majority to any party they gave one chance to RJD but unfortunately RJD made out corruption again.

Politics nowadays in bihar is like getting people attention,nitish kumar tried to hijack the development issue he took support of RJD when ministers of RJD denied to follow him he feel ashamed and moved out of alliance.

Many leaders already told this unnatural alliance will not go more than 2 years and same happened among them was Ram Vilas Paswan one of the most opportunistic leader of bihar but he choosed the right party at the right time to alliance with and nitish failed to understand that and nitish is facing this because of his own mistake.

Lalu on the other hand feeling like cheated he forgot that he cheated people for a long period of 20years approx and his whole family was running crime sindicates in bihar,when nitish was with bjp he stopped all these.

After Nitish lroved strength in vidhan sabha now he will run govt with iron hand lalu’s leaders know that,lalu was using alliance as a shield to protect his family which nitish destroyed,on the other hand sharad yadav is jot happy this grand old leader should quit now he needs minister rank in cabinet and one of leader is ali anwar he is saying now his “jameer” dont gave him permission to go with bjp he forget that he came to rajya sabha many time because of bjp’s support so stop this.Tjis types of leaders are like “behti ganga mai hath dholo”,need some minister post then only they can keep quite .

Now people to bihar mostly votes on the basis of development works and i can say that most of youth in bihar votes for bjp but bjp lost due to thier overconfidence,bihar bjp dont have any strong leader like nitish kumar.

Nowafter the mahagathbandhan broke lalu don’t have any issue their leader will bark out loud ,lalu will cry ,his two uneducated son will try to became the leader like his father corrupt uneducated ,mindless ,no ethics .

Nitish did right thing and joined hands with bjp,bjp means development this thing all biharis know.Every biharis are in support with the Nitish joining BJP.

To understand bihar politics person need to understand the core of the bihar, its caste ratio, religion ratio then come the development issue.

Its complicated but once you understand bihar is the interesting state,biharis are awesome people much interested in politics and upsc.they are also good administrator.

would like to share about current scenario of Bihar politics. There should be no doubt about that it’s history had been glorious.

Here two political parties has been ruling since last 3 decades(1990–2004 RJD and its alliance)& (2005–2020 JDU and it’s alliance)

The worst thing is that just as RJD has been polarising the Muslim community for their political benefits in the same JDU and it’s alliance too has been polarising the Hindu community.

What do we really want is that: Don’t burn future of Bihar for your political comfort

Now people of Bihar has been started talking about third political option which concentrate upon development rather than polarising the community.

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