In order to attain freedom from this birth and death cycle you must know the path.

According to Bhagwadgeeta there are four paths to Salvation or Moksha.

Rajyoga, Gyanyoga, Bhaktiyoga and KarmaYoga.

Yoga means connecting from inside out or connecting to this Universe at astral level and not just some postures.

In Details-

RAjyoga is the method in which you have to do Swadhyaya and Meditation in order to attain salvation in last stage after getting enlightenment , the practice is so that the person to be able to control his prana urga(life force or energy) and His soul in his 7 chakras. The follower of this practice should follow Vedic lifestyle i.e. Waking at Brahmamhurta etc.

KarmaYogi It is the best yoga which can be followed by today’s modern humans as it is doing Karma with no expectation and Intent, it really confuses a person at first as all actions are done with a vision in our mind but Karmayoga says just do the Karma as your privilege and duty and to follow your intuition or inspiration and have no attachment towards the result as it might be a failure instead of your endeavoured success just have stillness in your mind and just surrender all your actions to God despite any result. And even if you fail it’s not a failure but a step towards success as it is said that no Karma of Human goes in vain as you might learn something new from every failure and do Karma only with your all focus and you will be able to attain the flow state which is primodial state of Genius work only because of detachment from result it will also remove your all fear and make you unstoppable.

Jnanayoga or Gyanyoga It is the method in which knowledge is the source of your wisdom and you do actions with your wisdom like Vedanta followers. And serve the society by spreading knowledge and do Havans or Yajna etc. It is developing Viveka(Patience to know the reality) , Vairagya(Denouncement from worldly attachment) ,  Shat Sampati(controlling mind and emotions with tools)  and Mumukshutva(longing for salvation) and then attaining liberation.

Bhaktiyoga It is method in which you worship your Ishtadevta(beloved deity) with your heart and do sadhana and full surrender to God. Alongwith it you doesn’t fall into trap of Maya or illusion. It is stop falling into sensual pleasure and seek supreme bliss. In it complete devotion of God is achieved by virtue of which human achieve salvation.

Aishwarya Says:

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