Environmental Degradation is one of the grave issues happening in our ecological system. Our environment is getting deteriorated day by day. Environmental degradation is the reduction of the environment’s capacity to meet social and ecological objectives and needs. Environmental degradation causes due to both man-made as well as natural factors. Various factors that cause environmental degradation are pollution, deforestation, animal extinction, global warming etc.  There are both natural as well as man-made causes of environmental degradation. There are various types of degradation like, land degradation, atmosphere degradation, water degradation and more.


There are various causes of Environmental Degradation. They are as follows:

  • Agricultural practices
  • Pollution
  • Overpopulation
  • Landfills
  • Deforestation
  • Natural causes
  • Unplanned development

 Agricultural practices:

One of the main reasons for environmental degradation is intensive agricultural practices. The increase in the demand of agricultural products has raised the agricultural practices in various parts of the world. On limited land such bulk number of agricultural products cannot be grown which leads to deforestation. Earlier, manures were used fertilizers but now most of the farmers uses chemical fertilizers and pesticides which leads to degradation of the soil.  


Landfills are also one of the major causes for environmental degradation. Landfills causes a great damage to both environment as well as human beings. Various toxins are produced from landfills which is very hazardous. Various diseases can be caused from such landfills. These landfills generate a foul smell when burnt which causes a grave damage to land, air, water as well as to human beings and animals.


Rapid increase in the population is also a major reason for the degradation. Birth rate is getting higher in comparison to mortality rate. Overpopulation leads to excess use of resources. Increase in population leads to deforestation as people will require more space to build houses. Rise in population will automatically lead to rise in pollution


The cutting down of trees in large scale is called deforestation. It is a great loss to the environment. It leads to ecological disturbance. Deforestation leads to drastic change in the environment. Ozone depletion, soil erosion, global warming, increase in extinction of various species happens due to increasing deforestation.  

Environmental pollution:

Our environment is getting destroyed because of pollution. These pollution is caused by human beings. Pollution caused are irreversible. These pollution have an adverse effect on environment as well as on living beings. The life cycle of the environment gets disturbed which leads to ecological imbalance. There are various types of pollution which are land pollution, water pollution, air pollution and noise pollution. Land pollution deteriorates the surface of the Earth. Water pollution is caused due to release of toxins from factories and home to the water bodies. Air pollution is caused due to the smoke which is released from industries and vehicles which leads to various chronic diseases.  

Natural causes:

There are various natural causes that contribute to environmental degradation. Natural calamities like, Wildfires, landslides, tsunami, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, hurricanes also lead to degradation of environment. These causes are unpredictable and can occur anytime at any place. These are unavoidable.

Unplanned development:

Unplanned Infrastructural development is also a major reason for environmental degradation. Unplanned development affects the whole ecological system. Construction of roads, railway tracks, huge thermal or nuclear plants damages the environment.

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