Nature and trends of legal profession

Being a legal advisor resembles being a tour guide in a foreign nation. Your clients don’t even have the foggiest idea about the region or communicate the language. You act as their translator, speaking on their behalf and assisting them in comprehending what is going on. There is, however, one distinction. Tourists do not blame their tour guide when they dislike a country, but when they dislike the legal system, they instantly blame a lawyer.

All things considered, adverse responses regularly will in general be more grounded than positive ones, and numerous individuals are had with bad introductions about legal advisors overall. The public generally perceives lawyers as being smart.  

Regardless of being extraordinary compared to other paying positions, legal profession is also a most challenging among the professions in the world.  However, attorneys have been since long driving the world in various context, professional values and standards have its distinct role to put the profession in the centre of attraction among the careers.

The legal profession is apparently the absolute most explored part of law in legal scholarships and socio-legal studies. It is also one of the most difficult professions in the world because, whether in a policymaking role, advisory service, justice dispensing role, or simply representing clients in court, legal professionals must go through a difficult process of thinking, contemplating, and reasoning for the majority of the time. Despite its high salary, the stressful nature of the profession and work-life balance concerns have pushed law to the bottom of the list of top occupations. The ‘higher earning’ element does not only reflect the entire pride of the legal profession, but it also reflects the dynamic nature of the employment, as evidenced by the advent of various significant international leaders with a legal background.

Jurisprudential Notions of Legal Profession

Natural law school envisions a legal profession based on reason, with Platonic “Gold Men” such as virtuous professionals providing legal services and dispensing justice based on morality and inherent human qualities. As Fuller notes, legal practitioners must be able to call into question the inner morality of the law. Professionals must have a sense of human goods, particularly what Finnis refers to as “practical reasonableness.” Aristotle’s emphasis on ethos and values has been repeated in modern times in the form of judicial, legal, and other professional ethics.

Legal experts are also bound by the postulated law of the sovereign, according to positivists. The professionals must operate as the sovereign’s delegated responsible authority, enforcing the instructions expressed as the law of the land. Lawyers and judges must work together to put the letters of the law into effect. In the eyes of positivists, the motto of the legal profession should be to maintain consistency throughout the legal system.

The historical school’s legal profession is a part of a long heritage of articulating the people’s will. The legal profession, according to the socialist school, is a part of the superstructure that serves to sustain the society’s foundation, namely the economic system. Lawyers, judges, and other legal professionals serve the ruling class’s interests. When law itself withers away in a communist state, there is no need for specific legal professionals. In the realist school of thought, only judges as legal professionals are legislators. Other legal experts’ roles are not prioritised, but what judges determine from specific situations through empirical review is solely defined as law.

For the evolution of a society in which a formally logical legal system can function, Max Weber emphasised the professionalisation of legal activity. His sociology of law concept prioritises the legal profession, while also advocating for the systematisation of justice administration in order to achieve a formally rational society.

Nature of Legal Profession

 The practise of law is a vocation. A group of men practising a learned art as a common calling in the spirit of public service is referred to as a profession.

The spirit of public service and the administration of justice should be the primary objectives. Profit is just coincidental; this is not a money-making venture. It varies from a trade or business in that the latter’s primary goal is financial gain or profit.

In a profession, there are three concepts to consider:

1. Organization- Lawyers band together as a profession through bar associations to defend and benefit one another.

2. Learning- Professions are learned not just from the nature of art, but also from the cultural and ideal aspects of art that have historically aided the practise of that art.

3. Public service spirit- Every profession aspires to utilise powers that benefit humanity.

Legal profession is a privilege and a right.


This research looked into the essence of the legal profession, its concept, definition, and jurisprudential ideals, the relationship between autonomy and the legal profession, and international rules on lawyer code of conduct. In light of the foregoing debate, it may be concluded that the legal profession has a larger role to play in serving the public interest, as well as generating cash to ensure the service’s consistency and longevity. As a result, in today’s world, when a large percentage of lawyers work for corporations, full autonomy in legal practice is likely to be difficult to come by. According to research, legal practitioners who work for corporations make up a smaller percentage of the legal profession.

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