Cyber Crime can involve criminal activities, such as theft, fraud, forgery, defamation and mischief, all of which are subject to the IPC. The abuse of computers has also given birth to a gamut of new age crimes that are addressed by the Information Technology Act, 2000.

The various type of cybercrime are Crime against government such as cyber terrorism. Crime against persons such as cyber pornography, cyber stalking, cyber defamation. Crime against property such as online gambling, intellectual property infringement, phishing, credit card frauds.

The various mode for committing cybercrime are unauthorized access to computer systems or networks / Hacking, Theft of information contained in electronic form, Email bombing, Salami attack, Denial of Service attack, Virus / worm attacks, Logic bombs, Internet time thefts.

Internet is just like life. It is interesting and we spend a lot of time doing amusing things here, but it comes with its fair share of trouble. With the technology boom and easy Internet access across the country, cyber crime, too, has become a pretty common occurrence. From hacking into computers to making fraudulent transactions online, there are many ways in which we can become a victim of illegal cyber activities.

To regulate such activities that violate the rights of an Internet user, the Indian government has the Information Technology Act, 2000, in place. Here are some of its sections that empower Internet users and attempt to safeguard the cyberspace.

Cyber harassment is a distinct Cybercrime. Various kinds of harassment can and does occur in cyberspace, or through the use of cyberspace. Harassment can be sexual, racial, religious, or other. Persons perpetuating such harassment are also guilty of cybercrimes. Cyber harassment as a crime also brings us to another related area of violation of privacy of netizens. Violation of privacy of online citizens is a Cybercrime of a grave nature. No one likes any other person invading the precious and extremely touchy area of his or her own privacy which the medium of Internet grants to the netizen.

The majority of cyber-crime goes unreported owing to the victim’s reluctance and shyness, as well as the fear of defamation of the family’s name. Frequently, the girl believes she is to blame for the crime. Women sometimes neglect to report crimes due to their concerns, enabling the perpetrator’s spirits to become even more harmed.

Cybercrime thieves are on the rise because they don’t see much of a threat because they are so well-versed in the networking system that they believe they are safe. They are also the ones that create accounts and then commit crime.

As per the data maintained, since its inception 3,17,439 cyber crime incidents and 5,771 FIRs have been registered up to February 28, 2021 in the country which includes, 21,562 cyber crime incidents and 87 FIRs in Karnataka and 50,806 cyber crime incidents and 534 FIRs in Maharashtra.

Women and children are the primary victims of the violation. cybercrime is on the rise because it is regarded to be the easiest method to commit a crime, and people who have a lot of computer expertise but are unable to find work or do not have a lot of money turn to this source and begin abusing the internet. It is simple for cyber criminals to gain access to data from here and then use it to withdraw money, blackmail, or do other crimes.

We require better training institutions as well as a mandatory branch of Cyber-security topics that will aid in the resolution of cyber-cases and increase trust in security; nonetheless, we can attempt to safeguard ourselves. No institution or anti-virus can totally safeguard someone, but by using the measures described above, we can secure our information, data, devices, and ourselves.

There were many biggest cybercrime attacks in India and one of them was UIDAI Aadhar Software hacked.

  • 1.1 billion Indian Aadhaar card details were leaked and this is one of the massive data breaches that happened in 2018.UIDAI released the official notification about this data breach and mentioned that around 210 Indian Government websites were hacked.
  • Aadhaar Software Hacked: This data breach included Aadhar, PAN, bank account IFSC codes, and other personal information of the users and anonymous sellers were selling Aadhaar information for Rs. 500 over WhatsApp. Also, one could get an Aadhaar card printout for just Rs.300. 

Though not all people are victims to cyber crimes, they are still at risk. Crimes by computer vary, and they don’t always occur behind the computer, but they executed by computer. The hackers identity is ranged between 12 years young to 67years old. The hacker could live three continents away from its victim, and they wouldn’t even know they were being hacked. Crimes done behind the computer are the 21st century’s problem. With the technology increasing, criminals don’t have to rob banks, nor do they have to be outside in order to commit any crime. They have everything they need on their lap. Their weapons aren’t guns anymore; they attack with mouse cursors and passwords.

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