population explosion

Population explosion is a term referred to expeditious growth in population of the world. It is calculated from the difference between the birth rate and the death rate. It is estimated that by next ten years the human population will grow by one billion people. This expeditious growth in population results into both economic and environmental issues.

There are various reasons which leads to population explosion some of which are- lack of awareness and birth control as there is a rapid growth in birth rate. It has been noticed that there is a wide gap between death rate and birth rate as birth rate is rising rapidly than death rate. Decrease in mortality rate also leads to population growth. Although it is a good thing that there is a decrease in mortality rate. Mortality rate is the rate of death of infants at the age of below 6 months. By the help of science and technology, India has achieved to bring down the mortality rate to few cases per thousand deaths.

Increase in life expectancy rate is also a factor in increasing the population. Although increase in life expectancy shows the improvement in living standards and medical facilities. In India, the life expectancy age was 64.4 years but now it has increased to 70-75 years which clearly shows the improvement of medical facilities, sanitation facilities, better nutrition, good quality food, etc.

 one of the main reasons that causes population explosion is lack of education and awareness to women. Although there has been a great improvement in women education and empowerment still there are lot of women in our society who no nothing about sexual intercourse and birth control measures. There is a lack of sex education because sex is still a taboo in our society. Most of the girls who are married at younger age have no knowledge about contraceptives or anything. Most of the pregnancies now a days are unplanned. It all happens because of lack of awareness in the society.  

There are lot of consequences of population explosion one of which is unemployment which has always been a great issue in India because there not as many jobs as people in this country. There is a lack of resources and opportunities, and a huge number of people are jobless. But people having financial resources are migrating to different countries in search of better opportunities. With unemployment comes poverty. There are many families who are coming to poverty line due to unemployment. There are also people who are below poverty line and have no access to education and are unaware of the population crisis. These people are the major contributors to the increasing birth rate.

Population explosion can be prevented by various methods such as measurements taken by the government to control the rising population. By implementing policies like two child and implementing them firmly and initiating campaigns about birth control and family planning. Thus, population explosion leads to various issues like unemployment, food security, poverty, illiteracy and what not but all these issues can be minimized by just controlling the rising population.

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