Terrorism is a term which is very broad in meaning and cannot be stated by one definition. People who involve in such activities have their own definition to this term. In general, terrorism point towards the criminal and brutal activities which are performed by individual or group of individuals or an organization to fulfill their goal by keeping public in a dreaded situation and send messages to the government by brutal killing of random people.

The intended target of terrorism is always greater than the victims of the terror attack. The terrorists always claim responsibility after the brutal attack to send strong messages to the public and the government to show how powerful they are by imposing a dreaded situation among the public.

The primary activities of terrorists are to create a terror among the public, to create publicity to fulfill their causes and to convince the public that their government is powerless against them. They execute their attack by assassinations, massacres, hijacking, cyber-attacks, bomb-blasts, suicide attacks, by destroying public property and infrastructure, etc. they are also engaged in chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear warfare.

The main aim of these terrorists’ group may be to topple the established government of a country, to acquire a share in the government, to break away from a country and to form their own new country and to make money and to expand their criminal empire.

There are different types of terrorism such as dissent terrorism in which terrorists fight against the government of a country just like the LTTE in Sri Lanka. Second is left wing or right-wing terrorism where the terrorist groups are extremists towards the spectrum of left right politics. Then comes religious terrorism which is based on ideologies of different religions just like the ISIS. The criminal terrorism is the terrorism in which the terrorists’ groups are engaged in terrorism only for criminal profit, to expand their empire and make illicit money.

There is a type of terrorism called the cross-border terrorism in which one country try to create tensions on the border of another country through terrorism which mainly happens between neighboring countries. Just like Pakistan is the source of cross-border terrorism in India. Such cross-border terrorism is caused due to borders which are not highly protected because the borders of India with its neighboring countries cannot be ceased or wired completely due to terrain difficulties and other factors which gives an advantage to the terrorist groups to infiltrate in the country. Sometimes these terrorist groups also get support from the local people of the country due to ideological reasons, threat, or money lure, etc. they also get support from the corrupt officials who allow entry of terrorist group in their country just for the monetary benefits.

India has always been a victim of terrorism. It is reported that about more than 8000 people have died in terrorists’ attacks from 2001 to 2018 in India. India is ranked on 7th position among the most affected country by terrorism in The Global Terrorism Index 2019. India is also a member of various organizations which work towards combating terrorist financing and money laundering and have created many task forces internally to fight against terrorism. Some of them are, NIA(National Investigation Agency), FATF( Financial Actions Task Force), RAW(Research and Analysis Wing), NATGRID (National Intelligence Grid), NSG(National Security Guard), etc.

Aishwarya Says:

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If you are interested in participating in the same, do let me know.

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