The real value of a civilization may be determined by how women are treated in the society. During the early period, individuals had notion about the woman, they were meant to handle domestic duties and nurture their kids. But in today’s time, empowering women has occurred, opening new opportunities for females to prosper their dreams. Women, who form the majority of the people in the world, are highly valued in Indian society now. Various programs and initiatives to raise consciousness of women’s literacy are being undertaken around the nation.  Females have begun to get education in rural areas, which helps to raise India’s literacy level to drive nation ahead. During time of independence, women moved out of their traditional gender practices as mother, and housewife during India’s battle of independence to carry burden of molding notion of a new country within the struggle among public and colonialist authority. All this was possible because of political thinkers like Raja Rammohan Roy, Mahatma Gandhi and B.R. Ambedkar.

Because of deteriorating morals, women have little status in society during the time of British rule but women positions changed in the society during time of Raja Rammohan Roy. He fought for female rights, the ability of widow remarriage and having right to own property. His initiatives are being imitated in 21st century. He strongly believed that Hindu civilization could not be developed or improved until females are liberated from inhumane forms of discrimination like ignorance of education, child marriages, and many more unfair practices and eliminated morally reprehensible Sati Pratha. Things could have been non identical if Roy hadn’t sparked the enlightenment with his anti-orthodox campaigns that are still needed against situation of women in rural areas against rape, teasing and many other offences.

Empowering women in India refers to equality in moral choice and capacity to manage one’s self-existence. Gandhi’s idea about women and their role in public life was departure from those of the 19th century social reformers. He saw himself as a practical idealist since he saw men and women as equals complementing each other. Gandhi was staunch advocator of gender rights of women and passionate promoter for women’s improvement of the lives. He regarded females as possible symbol of motivation in battle to create new social structure. The reality that women faced numerous acts of torture, abuses of power, and sufferings during initial half of twentieth century is determined by fact that they battled with real essence and undeterred bravery in the harshest from shackles of British colonialism. Females now have option to battel alongside male liberation activists. He remarked that “when women, whom we term abala, become sabla, all those who are powerless become powerful.” This illustrates that he has prioritized subject of women’s empowerment and independence in fight to establish a humane and exploitation-free community. We may argue that his advocacy for females allowed them to keep her pride and self-esteem. As a consequence, there is no distinction among males and females in workplace. Females now have the same standing as males under the Indian Constitution. All occupations are accessible to them, and the sole reason for this choice is ability.

Ambedkar said “The level of development made by women is how I evaluate the success of the society.” Ambedkar says that education is crucks of development family should support daughters by instilling ambitions and value or focus for succeeding in the education.  He pushed on the Hindu Code bill in the parliament, offering fundamental changes and revisions. Women should be treated similarly and granted same status, he urged. His beliefs and ideas are still relevant, for all Indians as The Hindu Code Bill divides the property equally between the girl and the boy. Marriage is currently viewed as a personal relationship, with each spouse given the authority to separate if they are unhappy. Dr. Ambedkar’s teachings and thoughts are useful not only for women but also all the Indian even today says Dr. Ravi Agrawal Ganapati. She says his deep concern and feelings for all round development of women is expressed from each sentence and word.

Challenges have arisen as a result of female liberation, and new ones have arisen as a result of female’s decision to work outside the house. Rape, eve teasing, molestation, acid attacks, honor attacks, sexual exploitation at work, and other illegal acts have begun to occur towards females, posing new challenges in attaining equality. The ideas stated by intellectuals and the acts performed by them may not completely reflect present times since things change, but sincerity with which they respected women could never be questioned.

Females are educated to “not own” oneself and to evolve in accordance with patriarchal expectations hence, issues like dowry, domestic abuse, sex detective abortion, and female infanticide continue to exist in our society. The families place a greater emphasis on the man’s job and the woman’s prospective marriages. This leads inevitably to woman believing herself a burden, whereas boy thinks he has right to speak up for his rights because he will be controlling house in coming years. Indian women have achieved positive changes over the years, but they still face numerous obstacles and societal ills in a masculine culture. This backward attitude thrives due to inadequate understanding and engagement and needs education for society. There is need of more hard laws against criminal practices done against women keeping in mind the policy and ideologies of the thinkers and their relevance.


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