Live-In Relationships In India

A live- in relationships means that couples who are in love with each other opt to stay together without getting married to each other. This phenomenon is common in the Western countries like America and Europe but it is gaining considerable visibility in India.

We all are aware of the fact that however much progressive India might be but its basis is still traditional. 

As we know that marriages and live in relationship are both type of association which forms a bond between two people, as for marriage its considered to be a sacramental union between two people following the rituals that are being described by their cultural traditions.

Live in relationship is a concept which is not easy to define, its ambit is not clear. It’s a sort of pre-marital arrangement or an arrangement which is made between unmarried couples, in which that couple lives together in a long-term relationship which somewhat resembles a marriage. People prefer live in relationship so as to ensure that their partner is friendly and possesses a good moral character and is well settled professionally. It also helps the couples to ascertain the irritants of each other and whether they can deal with such irritants or not and if not they can respectfully walk out. By living together they are able to know the nature, likes and dislikes, good and bad points of each other.

Now the question that arises is that whether live-in relationships should be allowed in the Indian societies or not. The opinions greatly vary. Most of the traditional Indians are of the view that if a couple is so much in love with each other; they should get married and then stay together instead of staying together unmarried. We all are aware of the fact that however much progressive India might be but its basis is still traditional. However modern any culture of the Indian society is, they do not accept the fact that it is fine for a couple to stay with each other without getting married. Some live- in relationship couples have to face severe problems if not from their community, from the society they live in.

Live in relationships isn’t really popular in India as it’s not considered to be good. Most of the people in India regard such relationships as an evil that degrades their cultural an traditional norms because somehow people in India widely accepts that there can only be one sacramental union which is marriage and no other relationship can take its place and no other type of relationship is capable of forming a bond between two people the way a marriage forms. Indian culture and the traditions are deeply embedded in our blood by our ancestors and acceptance of the concept of relationship is proven itself to be highly controversial especially in the Indian perspective. People in India prefer marriage over live in relationships and considers live in relationship to be a threat over the notion of marriage and relation of a husband and a wife. Even after 73 years of independence, some areas of India are so backward that the concept of a live in relationship does not succeed to make its place as such. However, the concept will pave its way towards the changing and developing society. If a man and a woman live together without marriage people in India judge them on the basis of their character and they are very often discriminated in the society. They are seen as bad elements in society and are often blamed to cast a bad influence upon the youth.

Youth today are of the opinion that since they are financially independent and after they attain adulthood, they have the right to live as they want and with the person they want. In most of the educated and upper class societies, live- in relationships is a very common phenomenon. The more Westernization is being accepted by the Indian society, the more live- in relationship system is gaining significance.

However even after all the comments and criticism the youth will do what they want. The saying ‘love knows no boundaries’ is true. There are hundreds of unmarried couples who live under same roof just like married people do.

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