Global warming refers to the long-time rise in the average temperature of the Earth’s climate system. It is mainly a human-caused increase in global surface temperatures. There are many such activities that increase global warming. This has a negative effect on living beings as well as nature. Climate change and global warming are often used exchangeable. The main root of warming is the emission of gases which create a greenhouse effect. It contains 90% of carbon dioxide, methane, and other pollutants.


Global warming is not happening because of a single cause but several causes and it needs to be treated as soon as possible. Some of them are natural which includes greenhouse gases whereas some of them are manmade causes which include decantation, industrial development, etc. Volcanic eruption also takes a big part in global warming by increasing temperature.

Even if we use vehicles for a very short distance, it releases pollutants which also contribute to global warming. Drivers should save fuels which reduce global warming as well as reduce the use of fuels. Chlorofluorocarbons (CFC) which are present in air conditioners and refrigerators are a part of global warming. Gases in deodorants deplete the ozone layer. Natural causes such as the melting of glaciers and emission of greenhouse gases also act but its influence is very small and it occurs very slowly.

The impact of all these rises is in the form of rising temperatures, less rainfall, lengthen seasons, melts glaciers, and many other. Global warming threatens human and animal life. Over 30,000 deaths occur every year because of global warming. It causes drought, air pollution, natural disasters, etc. Global warming has caused a lot of problems to animal life while taking an example of polar bears, if glaciers started melting, it will primarily affect their livelihood. There are hundreds of animals that have lost their habitat because of global warming. Places, where animals have spent millions of years to adapt themselves, suddenly break down due to global warming, which will cause a lot of problems for them. According to wildlife researchers, some of the wildlife species such as arctic foxes, polar bears, penguins, reindeers will be hit the hardest by global warming. Global warming is also a reason for the extinction of animals.


According to research, there are some advantages of global warming:

The frozen regions of the earth such as Antarctica, Arctic, Siberia, and many other may experience more plant growth. Ice age could be prevented. Longer growing seasons would be there and there would be more agricultural productions.

We should act wisely and take the right step as soon as possible. We started everything and we have to end everything. We are the cause of global warming and we should find a way to stop it. Global warming isn’t a prediction. It’s happening. Global warming is real, it is man-made and it is a major problem. We still have time to recover everything. It’s the right time to take a wise step.

Aishwarya Says:

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