It is very fairly evident that, the Islamic society played an integral part in the changes that the Hindu society underwent during the medieval period. Many Hindu and Islamic traditions have interacted, synthesized and given rise to newer traditions. Just like any interaction, this interaction between the two had both pros and cons. Looking at it from a closer point of view we see that one of the biggest cons is the evolution of the Purdah system into the Ghoongat system. It was a well-known fact that women were never treated as equals in society and the men always dominated over them. This new system furthered the discrimination the women faced and proved detrimental to their position in society.

On looking at the bigger picture, the real issue is that this very system is followed even today. A system that was started years ago has been carried on by further generations and is used even today and this is one of the most prevalent forms of discrimination against women in today’s day and age. But it has also led to women rising and fighting for their rights. When it comes to analyzing the changes that had occurred in forms of art and architecture, it can be said that the changes that Islam brought about really helped enrich the culture of Hindu society.

However, most of the changes that it brought were fairly short lived because with the passage of time, many of them became obsolete such as the different dance styles, painting styles, literature etc. and they were phased out to accommodate the more modern forms of the same. Even in terms of architecture, the olden forms of architecture were phased out by the occurrence of urbanization and industrialization which introduced newer, more efficient forms of architecture. In terms of elements of social life a lot of the dressing is no longer worn by people, however the food that was adopted by the Hindus back then is still eaten and considered as delicacies by many. One of the biggest cons of the presence of the Islamic society was the increasing rigidity in the Hindu caste system. This system is a deep-rooted element in the Hindu society that exists even today. It is the center for most social problems that exist in the country and the increased rigidity caused due to Islam has only proved detrimental for the Hindu society as a whole. Even today, people are discriminated on the basis of this caste system. This discrimination has prevented peaceful existence for the citizens of the society and has also been a huge barricade to the development of the country as a whole. There were other social evils that were introduced into Hindu society such as child marriage, Sati and slavery.

However, with proper development of the country and State, these social evils no longer exist as they were forbidden by the laws that were formed by the State. In terms of music however, we see that Muslims gave Hindus one of the most beautiful forms of music in the form of Ghazals and this form of music is sung by artists across the country even today. Also instruments such as the Sitar and Tabla which evolved from the influence of Islam are very widely used instruments and have helped in enrichment of the culture of India by bringing in different forms of music to the forefront. Certain vices that were adopted such as gambling and drinking though insignificant when first adopted have since then grown to immense proportions and is a very serious problem among many people of the Hindu society. Even today it is a vice that has caused detrimental effects on the wellbeing of a person. It is pretty evident from the analysis that most of the pros of the Islamic influence in the Hindu society were short lived while a large number of the cons that it introduced exist even today and are detrimental to the progress of the Hindu society.

Aishwarya Says:

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