As far as I can re-call, the outbreak of virus was reported in Wuhan back in 2020. In fact, the first case Covid-19 was reported outside China, in Thailand. The cases were initially were reported in China, but nothing was known about it. It didn’t take much time for virus to arrive in India. Till, then, the things were running as normal; schools, colleges, workplace etc. as soon as the first case was reported in India, the only information which was circulated by the doctors were that the virus was ‘droplet-bound’. This meant that the virus was spreading through touching any person or surface. To curb the spread of virus, people started to carry masks and hand-sanitizers. There were no checking regarding the virus in any Indian airports due to which people travelling outside India and arriving in India from China or European countries were carrying the virus with them and this let to first confirmed case in Kerala, India.

The numbers slowly and steadily increasing day by day. Until February, 2020, the cases kept coming everyday & not knowing about the cure, people were dying. It was learnt that many countries sealed their borders and were going for a complete lockdown. Following this trend, India as on 22nd March, 2020 went into full lockdown. There were lots of news going around in social media that to curb the virus was vitamin-C and washing of one’s hand for twenty seconds along with a mask covering mouth & nose properly. Everything went online except the medicines & hospitals (& buying of essential groceries). Schools, college, offices went online and the market for laptops, tabs, smart phones, internet bloomed. The platforms like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, CISCO, WEBEX, Google Meet, Facebook & Instagram live were the only place were classes for school & college were conducted ( & its still continuing) and ‘Work-from-Home’ became the trend. Office people had to work from their homes but at the same time they also had to take care of their homes. All sporting activities as well as entertainment industry was also shutdown. Online quiz, LUDO, Snake& ladder and Housie were the only games being played by people. There were also complaints being launched from some households that the domestic violence increased during the lockdown and many people lost their jobs due to the pandemic.

The only good thing that happened due to the lockdown was that the environment cleared up which was polluted. People of different communities were of the view that since humans had for so many years ruined & wrapped nature in plastic, now, it was pay-back time. Now, nature wrapped humans in plastic ( the doctors and had to wear PPE kits). Due to the pandemic, it was clear that who were our true friends & who were just pretending. Financially it became difficult for countries to function. Due to the ongoing pandemic, the only sector which is benefitting is the medical. Doctors, Nurses, their assistants, hospital, medicines are on cloud nine. Even a little cough & cold is very frightening and people mistake it as covid.

Without the consultation of the doctor, one should not proceed with the treatment otherwise the condition of the patient may become bad. Regular checking of oxygen level and temperature were being done by people through oximeter & thermometer when the second wave of covid-19 hit India very badly. The central government was being blamed for not having enough hospital or beds along with oxygen. People were dying like a pack of cards and there was no way to save them. Very few people survived the second wave and when I searched it carefully, only the ones who had good connection with the higher authorities were able to get a bed & oxygen in hospital. After this, I wanted to change the phrase “ Health is Wealth” to “ If you have Wealth then you also have Health”. As on August, 2021, India is awaiting the third wave of covid-19.

Even if every day more people are getting vaccinated, the virus is not stopping. The only reason is that people started to ignore all the covid-19 protocols; wearing of mask in public covering mouth & nose, maintaining social distancing and using of hand-sanitizer once the lockdown was lifted and the government allowed fifty or more people to attend functions in physical mode.

So, to conclude, it appears that it will take years for covid-19 to go, and people must adopt to the ‘New Normal’ meaning wearing of mask in public covering mouth & nose, keeping social distancing & washing of hands for twenty seconds. The pandemic has also made people lazy. No one knows what more Covid-19 has to bring. According to the Hindu law, the world would come to an end withing the next ten years. Stay home, stay safe!!

I have always been against Glorifying Over Work and therefore, in the year 2021, I have decided to launch this campaign “Balancing Life”and talk about this wrong practice, that we have been following since last few years. I will be talking to and interviewing around 1 lakh people in the coming 2021 and publish their interview regarding their opinion on glamourising Over Work.

If you are interested in participating in the same, do let me know.

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