The term sovereignty has been derived from Latin word SUPERANUS which means supreme.  Sovereignty means that the country is independent. People of sovereign country follow the rules that are made by their representatives and no foreign power can impose its decision on the country.

Sovereignty is the common power of the state, it is the will of the nation organized in the state , it is the right to give unconditional orders to all individuals in the territory of the state.

India is a sovereign state, which means that India has a supreme power and no internal groups or the external authority could undermine the authority of the Indian government.


 There are two aspects of sovereignty. They are –

  • INTERNAL SOVEREIGNTY – The independent state of the country has the final legal authority to order and enforce obedience to some persons or group of person. Internal sovereignty imposes its  over all  power on associations or individuals of the independent state.
  • EXTERNAL SOVEREIGNTY – External sovereignty implies supreme authority within one’s jurisdiction. It is the acknowledgement by all states that each has right in equal measures.


  • Sovereignty of the state is unalterable. This infinite power cannot be separated from the stare. State authority cannot transfer this extreme power permanently or temporarily to a person or organization within its geographical boundaries.
  • Unity is the very spirit of sovereignty . The sovereign state is united just as we are united.
  • Sovereign is absolute and unlimited. The sovereign is entitled to do whatsoever he likes.
  • Sovereignty is fundamental power, not a given power
  • Sovereignty is above the  law and is not regulated by law. It is for this quality that the state can legislate. So, the law does not have right to control sovereign power.


There are different kinds of sovereignty. They are –

  • NOMINAL AND REAL SOVEREIGNTY – In Nominal Sovereignty, the authority lies on the name of the concerned only, and in the Real Sovereignty the authority uses his power.
  • LEGAL AND POLITICAL SOVEREIGNTY – In Legal and Political Sovereignty , the authority has the power to create and implement the law and this law binds on all the persons and the law can be altered or cancelled by the same authority.
  • DE JURE AND DE FACTO SOVEREIGNTY – De Jure means legal sovereignty and De Facto means actual sovereignty. One should understand the difference between De Jure and De Facto sovereignty.
  • POPULAR SOVEREIGNTY – Popular sovereignty establishes the real base for the democracy as it provides the people the highest power.

Aishwarya Says:

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