A word with which everyone is familiar with, even with the youngest kid of the generation, corruption term is known with each and every human being as this term has turned out to be very common. Now, what is this corruption? How each and everyone know about it? Well the word corruption in simple sense means anything related to wrong or wrong doers specifically with the persons involved with powers and money. It is a dishonest or fraudulent placate involving persons and personalities with power, typically involving bribery. There are three elements of corruption, namely,:-

  1.  Corruption includes both public as well as private sector.
  2. Corruption involves abusing power.
  3. Benefits of both sides involved in the corrupt act benefit, either in terms of money or any undue advantage.

There are a number of indicators that can measure corruption on different scales, namely:-

  1. Petty corruption.
  2. Grand corruption.
  3. Systematic corruption.

These three types of indicators can be further explained as follows:

Petty corruption maybe explained as the corruptions including small issues and takes place at the end of implementation of public services with public officials. Few examples of these corruptions police station, registration office, passport offices, post offices, state licensing sectors and few government sectors. The amount or rather the scale of corruption under this head is small in terms to other indicators.

Grand corruption maybe explained as corruption those are larger in scale. This corruption takes place or occurs at the highest levels of government in a way that requires significant subversion of the political, legal and economic system. Such corruptions are found in countries with dictatorial government and even in those without adequate policing of corruption.

Systematic corruption maybe explained as the corruption which takes place due to weakness of organization or process. This is the primarily reason behind this type of corruption. It can be contrasted with individual officials or agents who act corruptly with the system.

There are few factors that have attributed as causes of corruption. Those are as follows:-

  1. Greed of money.
  2. Desires.
  3. Higher level of political monopolization.
  4. Low press freedom.
  5. Low economic freedom.
  6. Gender inequality.
  7. Poverty.
  8. Political inability.
  9. Weak property rights.
  10. Low levels of education.
  11. Lack of commitment to society.
  12. Large ethnic divisions.

The points mentioned above are the causes behind corruption and in today’s world we see this thing happening in every now and where, wherever you see there is corruption going on some way or the other. Due to lack of education, lack of knowledge, desire for better life in short time span and that though quickly, people tend to do such things which not only hampers life of few but leaves a lasting effect on the lives of many, hampering the society, the country, the environment as well.

This corruption takes place in different sectors of the society, namely, health care sector, education sector, government sector, police sector, judicial system, labour unions, religion, and many more as well. These sectors can be explained briefly, which are as follows:-

Health care sector- This is one of the most common sector where we see corruption taking place. Each section of this sector is filled with corruption and people are harassed non- stop whenever they tend to visit. Corruption in this sector is the most dangerous as it can hamper the lives of many. Many times articles are published in the medical journal column but still no investigation or legal steps are ever taken.

Education sector – The corruption in this sector puts an impact to the whole society and the coming generations as well. This is a world-wide phenomenon. Students having excellent results cannot get admission due to lack of money and sources and the least deserving gets these opportunities as they provide the schools or universities with money. Getting admissions into reputed universities or schools are the dreams of many and even by full filling the education percent criteria many students do not get admission due to lack of money. This needs to stop as this will spoil the future of the country, the world, the nation.

Government sector- This sector is also known as the public sector and can be regarded as one of the most corrupted sector where from the starting till the end point the only thing that keeps on increasing is the amount of bribe and the percent of corruption. Job in the sector is given on the basis on how much bribe one can pay and how much sources one has. Since this sector is the base of every state in its functioning, rules and regulations, safety we generally see this section corrupted highly.

Police sector- This sector is made to ensure that there is safety in the state, everyone following the rules and regulations which are made for the safety and benefits of individuals but what we see that this sector is corrupted from within, that is to say each department of this sector is corrupted, all the members being enemies of each other. This sector is made to ensure that there arises no crimes in the state or country and that to ensure peaceful living but this cannot be seen as the people inside is not united, unaware or ignorant of their duties.

Judicial System- This is the system that ensures who will be taking decisions and giving judgments on the cases relating to many legal and lawful activities on going in the state or country as whole. But we often see judgments are denied or are late. One of the most common examples of justice being late is the Nirbhaya case where a young girl was raped and murdered and the judgment on this case was passed after seven years on constant sacrifices of her parents and as it is said that justice late is similar to justice denied.

Labour union- This union in made to ensure that there is employment for each and every individuals but in this sector too we see corruption that is to say to get a job the required persons is at first required to pay some amount of bribe in order to get the job. Logically thinking a poor person in need of labour job who can even survive his family’s requirements with his earning, how will pay the amount of bribe. This situation further leads to many criminal activities as well.

Religion- In the name of religion many fraud persons takes advantage of simple people by asking them to do this and that thing namely providing money in order to fulfil their desires and their wishes from God.

These were a few sectors where corruption is mostly seen and that though on a high scale. Corruption needs to be stop as this will only hamper the society.

The methods of corruption can be pointed out under the following heads, namely-

  1. Bribery
  2. Theft
  3. Fraud
  4. Extortion
  5. Blackmail
  6. Influence peddling
  7. Networking
  8. Nepotism

These are the methods through which corruption takes place in both the larger and smaller indicators.

India is the 80 least corrupt nations out of 180 countries according to the 2019 corruption perceptions index report by transparency international.

Corruption can happen anywhere involve anyone even happen in shadows. The cost of corruption may be said as political costs, social costs, environmental costs, economic costs. Corruption takes place with anyone and everyone at some point or the other, sometimes people understands it and sometimes does not.

We see corruption in our every day to day life, in each and every step of everyone’s life. This needs to be stopped and controlled as this is just going on to hamper the society on a larger scale. But how will this be done because all we see people talking and yelling about corruption happening here and there but no solutions can be seen given to resolve this issue, this problems which is almost or rather which is a curse to the entire nation and worldwide as well.

Bringing about awareness in the fields of legal rights and remedies provided to each and every citizen will be one of the most prominent and necessary steps in order to stop or rather control this curse. Once people are aware then they would not or cannot be an easy target for getting into corruption. Rate of literacy needs to be increased, people needs to be educated in all fields so that they do not turn out to be a victim of this curse.

Corruption is the curse which is being carried along from a long period of time and now it’s high time that the young generation starts being aware about corruption and its drawbacks and even educate others around them about it.  We need to bring about a change as this world is our home and we need to take care about it. Together we can bring change by uniting our hands by taking an oath that we will raise our voice whenever or wherever we see any wrong thing being done.

Thank You. Jai Hind.

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