3 idiots (2009)film review

Good part: This suggests to follow one’s passion. Now tell me how many of us do so or how many of us able to do so. This message is extraordinary. It’s about breaking the trends.

Bad Part: Chanchar, Raju and Farhan always stayed together, they shared every notes and same study materials, they even shared room. These 3 were always together. Now tell me if Amir became 1st , how they struck at last. Selfish Chanchar?? Or it’s just happened.

How could a person become 1st without studying a bit. Is it magic? I know Engineers’ life. It is very hard and without following the Chapters one can’t progress, Can’t even score well. If we consider that guy had something extraordinary then also a question arises, ‘Did he himself prepare all thesis and theories inside the exam hall which took 100 of years of all the scientist.” . But then also you can’t skip the time limit.

Engineers’ rarely asked the simple questions in exams like “what’s a Machine?” . If it’s asked then it’s for 2 marks.


Movie is good, there’s Emotion, Entertainment, Enjoyments, Gayn (Wisdom), Love, Win and Loss. But somehow its message is complicated – like promotion The suicidal tendency.
Study for being efficient not for success (but does our system allow us to do so, If u r not studying Notes and Suggestions , U can’t achieve good marks, no good marks means , no good College , no good College means, not having good job),
You can’t avoid competition. How can u? When the whole world is engaged to do so!
I loved the movie so much and felt like it’s the best movie with greatest message. But by growing up, I realized the movie was just a content of Entertainment. And I understood by time, Virus’s opinion is much more feasible than Amir’s when these days robotic life is concerned. If we are going to follow its message, we will be no where. In Real life everything never happened so easily , hard work is important, Sacrifice is important and sometimes we have to let go few things. But before hard work, think and before Sacrifice, fight.

If you want to know that how cinema can impact general perception of the masses then 3 idiots is the gold example for that….I am 90’s born and I observed before that movie students were not very open about there career choices, this movie was thought provocating on that front and helped thousand and thousand of kids to fight for there dreams,i don’t have any specific data to support this argument but if you observe closely you will realise that after 2009 the entrepreneural spirit in students increased dramatically, they were choosing insane and liberating career path as well….yes there were other factors as well for this transformation but top of it all 3 Idiots was the game-changer.

People in finance are in it for the more than they are for the kicks they get out of the job. The true finance enthusiasts will be academics. Rancho told his friends to raise their capabilities and to not be obsessed with success. Not because raising capabilities ensured success but because once you are on the path, success, money, popularity won’t matter beyond their survival assurance.

A competitor is never happy however happy he might seem externally. The source of his happiness is external.

Many chess players of old times were like rancho. Even the world famous players found it hard to survive a day. Had someone shown them as a movie, who would choose a life of passion?

Sherman Joshi, was he passionate or was in it for livelihood, not clear. Objectively speaking, chatur is better than Sherman Joshi. Both are living contented lives. Chatur has a stronger drive. Chatur would have been successful irrespective of the field he chose. Sherman represents most of the people. For them a good life consists of wife, family, a more than comfortable lifestyle. But he valued his originality when he had to trade it for a good life. Chatur was bootlicking rancho. That was his flaw. Chatur any day would do a lot for what he wants. Even though, he challenged rancho, he lost, it did not stop him from asking for his help. He values money more than anything. Another flaw.The movie was for money and message. Which parts are for money and which are other wise can be up for a productive debate.

I just loved the film (despite some Hindi masala especially when Kareena is on screen and the climax). It beautifully captures the life of college students, inspirations, aspiration and how dreams get affected by family pressure. The featuring of real life inventions of people lesser known in India (like Remy A Jose, a student from Kerala who created an exercise bicycle type washing machine) made the film really distinct from the usual movies. The movie had story and a soul and it can instantly connect with anyone.

Image Source: India TV

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