A bureaucracy is an organization made up of many departments and divisions that are administered by lots of people. If you’ve ever had to deal with health insurance or financial aid, you’re familiar with the dark side of bureaucracy.Bureaucracy has a bad reputation because it has come to mean an organization or government that is chin-deep in red tape and unnecessary procedures. When dealing with a bureaucracy, expect to fill out lots of forms and wait. Bureaucracies are mocked in the hilarious film “Brazil,” where people have mind-numbing jobs they do while sitting at desks. Bureaucracy is an organization administered by people behind desks, or bureaus.

Bureaucracy in India:

Our country is loaded with lots of problems. People hate each other, casteism, feudalism, naxalism, etc. The root cause of all this is we Humans.In India humans are available abundantly, thus human life has less value. This is the reason in-spite of clubbing people in same religion, we still manage to find differences and sub-group us. Say for example, 10 Sikh Guru died teaching oneness, still we see Jatt atrocities against fellow Dalit Sikhs. Christians sub-grouping themselves among Castes down south. Infact even the Brahmins have ego clashes regarding hierarchy. We believe in keeping our blood lineage pure.While differences between ethnicity occurs all over the world, here its much more prominent. People are intolerant of eating habits to block entire apartment complex.

Thus the only solution would be to eliminate a huge population. Only 2% pay taxes, thus easy to say 50% are totally useless or under-productive. Genghis Khan did it in other region, missed out on India. Now other regions might have tribal feud, but not to keep blood lineage, only for supremacy or resource capture.If we eliminate 50% population of our country, then each person would understand the importance of fellow citizen’s services. We would start respecting Garbage boy, sewer cleaner, maid, etc.We would respect Nurses and Doctors equally, ward boys would be paid better for his services. Farmers would earn better, loans would be available easily.

Indian bureaucracy suffers from the same ills which is plaguing India in all walks of life. The government is part of the country and it can’t be different from its people. Here is what I think is wrong with bureaucracy as in India.

1: Caste System

Just like there is a caste system in India, there is a caste system in bureaucracy. You can never change your caste in which you are born. The highest caste bureaucrats are IAS who can be compared with the highest caste of Brahmins. They consider it their birth right to rule the nation. Even their junior most officer should be treated higher than the senior most officer of any other service. No service officer can ever become equal to them even if they win Noble Prize. The same holds good for all other services who condemn the higher caste for the discrimination but continues the same with their lowers castes.

2: Reservation

When there is caste, reservation can’t be behind. Reservation is all pervasive in the civil services at the entry level and nowadays majority of the officials selected belongs to the lowers caste who get the benefit of not only the reserved seats but also capture many seats from the general quota. They keep getting these benefits during promotions and even postings since most governments are now headed by the so called lower caste leaders.

3: Seniority

In India, you touch the feet of a person who is even one day older than you throughout your life. The same holds good in Indian bureaucracy. There is no place of merit in government. It is only the seniority that rules within each caste. It is useless to expect faster promotions even if you are working 24 hours a day and 200% more efficient than your colleague.

4: Corruption

Corruption is a way of life in India. The malaise starts with election of political leaders by bribing the voters directly or indirectly. Some parties pay upfront in cash or kind while other give many freebies like free or subsidized electricity, ration, TV, laptop, mixie etc. after their election. It never ends. The politicians know that they can win election much easily by making lots of money through corruption and distributing them to the people rather than by doing hard work which would not impress their voters.

5: Tolerance

India proud itself to be a tolerant and nonviolent country. We truly are in all aspects of life. We are tolerant to corruption and inefficiency in such a way that it is left to the government officers to work if they wish and not if they don’t feel like working. Government ensures them full salary and even pension till the end of their life. The guilty are hardly punished and the crooks rules the roost in all walks of life. We proudly call it tolerance.

Why has the Chinese Bureaucracy been more successful than the Indian Bureaucracy?

Most of India’s history has the region divided into many small kingdoms. They all warred and competed with each other. They all think their languages are different, their cultures are different, and frequently devolved into thinking one people are better than another people.By contrast, China has always stressed that it is one nation, one people, one culture, one language.When you are united, you are far more willing to work together and achieve common goals. You are more willing to draw the short straw today, because you can count on drawing the long straw tomorrow. You are more willing to sacrifice your own gains, because the group’s gains are far greater.

In China, people from faraway Guizhou or Heilongjiang take pride in the futuristic cities of Shenzhen and Shanghai. People from Xinjiang and Gansu are proud of the huge high speed rails that China has. Even though those things aren’t in their own locale, the people still take pride in them.I do not see Tamils feeling proud of Delhi, or even Gujarats feeling proud of next door Mumbai.The bureaucracy ultimately are a manifestation of the grass roots people. The unity of the Chinese people manifest in a highly efficient government. The disunity of the Indian people in contrast manifest in an inefficient bureaucracy.

Aishwarya Says:

I have always been against Glorifying Over Work and therefore, in the year 2021, I have decided to launch this campaign “Balancing Life”and talk about this wrong practice, that we have been following since last few years. I will be talking to and interviewing around 1 lakh people in the coming 2021 and publish their interview regarding their opinion on glamourising Over Work.

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