Article 21 guarantees each individual right to life and individual freedom. Both the terms, life and individual freedom has been given an exceptionally extensive and wide abundancy covering an assortment of rights. Its hardship is just conceivable through the technique set up by law. The articulation “life” has been comprehensively deciphered by the Supreme Court, which has given it, a sweeping extension.


On account of Munn v. Illinois, the Court alluded to the perception of Justice Field, wherein he expressed that by the term ‘life’ as here utilized something more is implied than a simple creature presence. In this manner, it embraces inside itself the actual presence as well as the personal satisfaction.


The articulation individual freedom doesn’t just mean independence from:

  • Arrest
  • Detention
  • False or Wrongful confinement

The Supreme Court of India held that it envelops those rights and advantages that have for some time been perceived as being crucial for the deliberate quest for satisfaction by free men. The articulation strategy set up by law has likewise been a topic of translation. It implies the strategy set somewhere near rule or system endorsed by the law of the State.


The central right to life and individual freedom which has become an unlimited wellspring of numerous different rights and referenced under the accompanying subheads:

Right to Live with Human Dignity

  1. The Supreme Court on account of Maneka Gandhi versus Association of India held that right to life encapsulated in Article 21 of the Indian Constitution, isn’t just an actual right yet it additionally incorporates inside its ambit, the right to live with human pride.
  2. On account of Francis Coralie versus Association Territory of Delhi it was held that option to live incorporates the right to live with human respect with minimum essentials of life such as: Adequate sustenance
  3. 1. Clothing, and Shelter over the head and offices for: Reading

               2. Writing, and Expressing oneself in diverse form


  1. On account of Vishakha Vs.  the State of Rajasthan, the court pronounced that inappropriate behavior of a functioning lady working environment adds up to an infringement of rights under Articles 14, 15 and 21 of the Indian Constitution. The rules have been set down to secure the privileges of a lady at work environment
  2. Following which the Sexual Harassment of lady at Workplace (anticipation, denial, and Redressal) Act, 2013 was passes


  1. The Right to life under Article 21 methods an everyday routine of poise to experience in an appropriate and sound climate.
  2. The support of different things like: Health
  3. 1. Legitimate sterilization framework, and

               2. Conservation of climate goes under the domain of the Article 21.

  • On account of Vellore Citizens Welfare Forum versus Union of India the Supreme Court held that however enterprises are fundamental for the nation’s turn of events, having respects to the contamination brought about by them, the standard of ‘manageable advancement’ must be received as the adjusting idea.


It has been perceived by the Courts, on account of Reliance Petrochemicals Ltd. versus Owners of Indian Express Newspapers that option to know falls under the extent of Article 21 of the Indian Constitution as a fundamental element of participatory majority rules system.


  1. The security under Article 21 is additionally accessible to the individuals who have been indicted for any offense. Despite the fact that he is denied of his different rights, however he is qualified for the rights ensured under Article 21.
  2. On account of Sunil Batra versus Delhi Administration, the applicant condemned to death on charges of homicide and burglary was held in an isolation since the date of his conviction by the meeting court, forthcoming his allure under the steady gaze of the High Court.
  3. The applicant recorded a writ appeal under the steady gaze of the Supreme Court, battling that isolation itself is a considerable discipline under the Indian Penal Code, 1860, and just the Courts had the position to force such disciplines and not the prison specialists, subsequently, it disregards Article 21.
  4. The Supreme Court acknowledged his conflicts and held that the conviction of an individual for a wrongdoing doesn’t diminish him to non-individual defenseless against a significant discipline forced by prison specialists without recognition of due procedural protections, accordingly violative of Article 21.


  1. On account of D.K. Basu versus Province of West Bengal, the Supreme Court set out the rules to be trailed by the Central and the State researching experts in all instances of capture and detainment.
  2. The petitioner composed a letter addressed to the Chief Justice causing him to notice certain news things distributed in the Telegraph and the Indian express, in regards to passings in police lockups and guardianship and this letter was treated as a writ appeal by the Court.
  3. The court gave the rules as well as, likewise went to the degree that any disappointment by the authorities to consent to such rules would expose them to departmental activities as well as sum to disdain of Court.


  • It has been held, on account of Hussainara Khatoon versus Territory of Bihar, that right to free legitimate guide at the expense of the State to a blamed who can’t bear the cost of lawful administrations for reasons of destitution, poverty or incommunicado circumstance is a piece of reasonable, just and sensible strategy under Article 21 of the Indian Constitution.
  • On account of Khatri versus the State of Bihar, it has additionally been held that the preliminary court is under the commitment to illuminate the blamed regarding his right to free legitimate guide.


The Code of Criminal Procedure doesn’t explicitly ensure rapid preliminary nor it has the Indian Constitution ensured under any of the Fundamental Rights however the Indian Judiciary on account of Hussianara Khatoon versus the State of Bihar, has settled on it settled choice that the right to expedient preliminary is a basic right under Article 21 of the Indian Constitution.


  1. Another legal pattern has showed a recent fad of giving remuneration. On account of Rudul Shah versus the State of Bihar, the applicant was kept in prison for a very long time even get-togethers vindication.
  2. He was delivered solely after a writ of habeas corpus was documented for his benefit.
  3. The Supreme Court held that under Article 21, the applicant is qualified for an honor of INR 35,000 as pay against the State of Bihar as he was kept in the prison for 14 long a long time after his quittance.


  1. In the new and the most discussed instance of Justice K.S. Puttuswamy (Retd.) versus Association of India and Other, the Supreme Court’s 9 appointed authorities protected seat held security to be a principal directly under the Constitution of India.
  2. The Privacy Bench collectively held that the right to security is a crucial right ensured under the Constitution.


  1. The Court held that the right to life under Article 21 of the Constitution does exclude the option to pass on. Yet, later in Aruna Ramchandra Shanbaug v. Association of India the Supreme Court held that latent willful extermination can be permitted under uncommon conditions under the severe observing of the Court.
  2. The contrast among dynamic and uninvolved killing is that in dynamic willful extermination something is done to take the patient’s life while in latent killing something isn’t done that would have saved the patient’s life.
  3. High Court of India held on account of Common Cause vs. Association of India that option to pass on with respect is a crucial right.
  4. The right to life and freedom as imagined under Article 21 of the Constitution is unimportant except if it envelops inside its circle singular poise.


  • On account of Shakti Vahini vs.  Association of India, the candidate, a NGO, had moved toward the Apex Court, looking for bearings to the State Governments and the Central Government to find preventive ways to battle honor wrongdoings.

Article 21 weaves a line of an unending yarn of government assistance enactment. Its degree and understanding have been consistently characterized and re-imagined, giving it the most stretched out conceivable plentifulness and legal executive has assumed a significant part in arranging the activities of a government assistance state.

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