Top Start-ups in India

In a country like India, there is a bunch of creative ideas in people’s mind which can be turned into a business or has the power to change the entire world. But it is true that ‘To earn money, you need money. This is one of the strongest reasons due to which many innovations can’t get real and only stay in some notebooks. But recently, due to this global pandemic, people all over the world saw many ups and downs. Many lost their jobs but again some got a billion-dollar profit. Many top-level companies are on the edge of extinction. 

The start-up culture of India also saw an uprising in recent times. Many foreign investors already started investing in India due to the low labor cost. In addition to this, many institutional investors and pension funds are also investing in many lives changing ideas. The government of India also started a program known as the ‘Start-up India’ scheme which encourages the youth to innovate and turn their ideas into reality. It also carries many other benefits like exposure to foreign and national investors, certain tax exemption, up to 80% rebate on patent submission, and many more. During January-March 2021, investors all over the world have injected a sum of around $4.5 billion into Indian start-ups and this amount is 26% more than the amount invested last year. Apart from this, angel investors like Rajan Anandan, Anupam Mittal, and many more are also contributing a large number of funds through equity crowdfunding. Hence, these start-ups are getting funds and not only surviving but also upraising in recent times.


Founded in 2017, this Bangalore-based start-up company came up with the concern to improve ‘women’s health and hygiene. They are creating products for various women’s needs based on modern nutrition science and Ayurvedic herbs. Presently situated in more than five cities in India, this start-up is witnessing monthly growth overtimes.

In 2015, Ankur Goyal was in his college days, when his mother was diagnosed with osteoporosis. He then started researching and founded that woman have several unique health and nutritional needs because of menstruation, pregnancy, and menopause. Today’s rat race culture has also led to a rise in hormonal imbalances, Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), post-pregnancy hair loss, fatigue, and menopause. There was a need of goodness and care which will heal their body.

Thus, in September 2017, Ankur Goyal (the founder of &ME) along with Meraki Foods (parent company of &Me) with Sheta Mittal started this company to uplift the focus to solve various functional needs of a woman, provide them with beauty and wellness. Investor all over the world appreciated their work and the company gathered an approx. the sum of 2.1 million rupees of fund in her small four years journey. At present, &ME has more than one lakh, active customers, with more than 600 retail stores in five cities of India.


Nestaway was established in Bengaluru. It is one of India’s fastest growing “Managed Home Rental Network”. This start-up is attempting to provide better rental and housing solutions in big cities through the internet.

All four founders faced the same problem of finding rental houses/pgs in a big city. They soon founded that young people, who are new to the city for education or job face a huge problem in renting property. They fall into the pit of brokers who plays various tricks to fool the person as they are new to the city. It is also a problem for bachelor or single women as many owners don’t want to give their property to them. Furthermore, sometimes the owner also charges hiddenly which creates a problem.

In January 2015, Amarendra Sahu, Deepak Dhar, Jitendra Jagadev, and Smruti Parida started this start-up and created an easy way for everyone to choose the most favorable property for them to stay at an affordable price. They also abandoned hidden charges and offered a large number of facilities for a comfortable second home.

Today, Nestaway has more than 35,000 happy tenants across 32 big cities in India. The start-up collected a sum of 104.2 million from 9 rounds and a sum of 5 million from Goldman Sachs in September 2019.


Twenty years back, if you have said to someone that we can make cells from the aloe Vera plant, they won’t believe you and laugh at you. But in today’s world, it is possible. Aloe E-cell is an environmental-friendly approach for electronic devices. It is eco-friendly and non-hazardous and reduces the use of toxic elements for the production of energy. This step will bring humans a bit closer to save mankind.

Back in 2018, two young scientists Naveen Suman and Namisha Verma (Co-founders of Aloe-e-cell) invented this battery/cell of AA size 1.5v. These batteries are cheap, eco-friendly, non-toxic. They used the aloe vera plants to produce the energy for the battery.

This innovative invention robbed the attention of people all over the world. This start-up won the ‘National Start-up Award’ by Start-up India, a government of India initiative. They also ‘Global winner and Best Bold Idea of the world’ by Schneider Electrics. Their idea stood among 15 start-ups from Indian Pavilion Art and many more. They got featured in many recognized media houses all over the world and got support.


India is the capital of Diabetes in the world. Government surveys stated that 12% of the Indian population is diabetic. It is because of unhealthy food and lifestyle. In this situation, James Joseph of Kerala started finding the solution to this problem. He was working as a director in Microsoft but in 2012, he left his job for jackfruit. It is an off-season superfruit. That is an underrated fruit. It contains fiber which helps to reduce bad cholesterol. It has high water content which helps us to fight dehydration and glucose level is half than rice or wheat.

Jackfruit 365 is the start-up that converts jackfruit into flour after years of research. While adding this product into your regular flour can add a high level of antioxidants and fibers without disturbing the taste or texture.

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